Eric Dearborn, played by David Goldsmith, was a character introduced in Models Inc., the third series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Eric was a musician trying to break into the music business while also trying to manage the career of his girlfriend, Linda Holden. At the onset of the series, Eric was an abusive and unethical boyfriend who regularly used Linda to further hiw own interests.

After Linda told him she heard Hillary Michaels arguing with Teri Spencer on the night of her murder, Eric used this information to blackmail David Michaels into putting Linda on an important magazine cover. He later tried to pimp her out to his friend Avery, a to get him to listen to his music, but she wanted no part of Avery. He would later refocus his energies on Marcus Ballard, a record executive.

Eric tried to bleed Linda dry in her bank account to produce his demo record for Ballard, but she claimed didn't have enough, though she had been depositing half of her paycheck in accounts of which he wasn't aware. He later got a promise from Stephanie Smith for the money, even sleeping with her. However, the next morning, she claimed to have no knowledge of any of his claims.

After leaning that Linda was sneaking out with another man, Chris White, he became violent and abusive, before going on a trip. Linda, however, had called the police and told them he was dealing drugs. Eric was then arrested at the airport. When he was released, he came to home to see Linda ride off with Chris and move on with her life away from him. Chris later punched him at Stage 99 as a warning to stay away from her.

Eric was then the target of several attacks from the drug dealers who he gave up details on to get out of his arrest. He stole some of Chris's items to pay the off, but in the process found out that Chris had been previously arrested for murder. He shared this information with Linda after he found out and continued to hang around and watch over her.

As the show progressed, however, Eric developed into a more caring and decent man, as displayed during the newer friendships that entered his life, along with a brief new romance. For a short amount of time, he was able to maintain a friendly relationship with Linda, letting her know that he'd regretted his past actions. Eric concluded the series with the many improvements to his life intact.

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