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Evan Potter is a character in Season 7 of Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by Trevor Edmond.


Evan was a CU TV camera man who became obsessed with Donna Martin after watching her as a weather girl for the campus news. Donna originally had plans to set him up with Kelly Taylor, but after she had a bad blind date, she refused anymore setups.

The first thing Evan did was call the Beach House and ramble about kissing her and her forecast. More threatening phone calls came later while Kelly had finally agreed to go out with Evan.

As more threats were made, Donna began to believe Garrett Slan was responsible, as he had just been released from prison. Garrett denied the accusations, but was confronted by David Silver at his home and told to leave her alone.

The next day, a dead rat was left in Donna's house. After Garrett Slan was slapped with a restraining order, he left town, but the threatening calls continued. A suspect at the station, Rusty, quit the station when police began rifling through his stuff.

Garrett and Rusty were ultimately proven innocent when Evan took the entire news station hostage, including Donna, Brandon Walsh, and Tracy Gaylian, revealing his true colors. After he let everyone go besides Brandon and Donna, he was subdued by the police after Donna led him to believe they could be together.


  • Trevor Edmond auditioned many times for the show from when it first aired:


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