Ever Heard the One About the Exploding Father? This is the 20th episode of the Tenth Season of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Dylan orders his father to leave. He is angry with Kelly for going against his wishes by contacting Jack. Dylan storms out of another meeting with his father after learning that Jack told his wife everything else about his past without mentioning Dylan's existence. Jack decides to leave the Witness Protection program and move his family to Los Angeles. They believe that his testimony is long forgotten and that private security can protect them. Christine warns Dylan that two of Jack's enemies have discovered that he is alive and are planning on revenge. Dylan convinces Jack to stay in the program, and cannot bring himself to leave with him. A New York radio station offers David a job. David turns down the offer because he doesn't want to leave Donna. Kelly suspects that Donna is jealous of Camille. Donna denies this, but later confesses to Kelly that she is still in love with David. Steve becomes concerned when Noah gives Ryan a job at the After Dark. Noah warns Ryan not to follow in his footsteps by throwing away his chance at an education. Ryan elects to travel with Rush in Europe for a while, then enroll at California University. Steve and Janet struggle with the task of getting Maddy to sleep on her own. Matt represents a comedian who was fired for not being funny.




  • Josie Davis as Camille Desmond
  • Josh Taylor as Jack McKay
  • Brett Buford as Jack 
  • Randy Spelling as Ryan Sanders
  • Davis Mikaels as Flight Attendant #1 
  • Melanie Mack as Cathy
  •  Eva Longoria as Flight Attendant #3 
  •  Taimak as Bartender 
  • Faith Collins as Nurse


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