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Garrett Slan is a recurring character on Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by David Bowe.


Garrett Slan works as a waiter at The Condor's Nest, the California University eating hangout. For weeks, items are stolen from students until one girl is raped. While Lenny Zeminski is arrested and released, he soon comes clean and confesses that he had spent time with Garrett in a military prison and Garrett had been picking his brain about the co-eds. Slan is initially stalking Clare Arnold to be his next victim, but a chance meeting at the Peach Pit After Dark with Donna Martin changes his focus to her.

Slan ends up attempting to rape Donna, pinning her to the bed inside the Beach House. Before he can assault Donna, David Silver arrives home and hits Slan with a bat before Donna helped David knock Slan unconscious. Slan was arrested and taken into custody.

Two years later, Slan is released at a time coinciding with someone stalking Donna. David and Donna believe him to be responsible for several threatening phone calls towards Donna and seek a restraining order on Slan. Slan denies the accusations, but Donna and David aren't convinced.

David and Tom Miller drive to Slan's house, where David confronts and warns Slan to stay away from Donna. The police are staking out Slan's residence and breaks up the confrontation before it escalates into a physical altercation. However, the next day, Slan confronts Donna and David at the Peach Pit After Dark, antagonizing them and saying he should have finished the rape. Slan then punches David, who knows that they can get the restraining order as a result of that punch. Ultimately, however, Slan isn't the one responsible when Evan Potter is revealed as Donna's stalker.


SEASON 5 (2/32)
Alone At The Top
Love Hurts
SEASON 7 (2/32)
Unnecessary Roughness