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Gil Meyers is a recurring character on Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Mark Kiely.


Gil is a young teacher at West Beverly Hills High School, who starts working at the school when the gang enter their senior year. He's a relaxed, charming kind of guy, the 'young and cool' type of teacher that has a good rapport with the students and is generally well-liked.


He had friendly relationships with several of his students, including Andrea Zuckerman and Brandon Walsh, who he oversaw on the school paper. At one point, a freshman Sue Scanlon accuses Gil of having had inappropriate relations with her. Rather than aggressively defending himself, Gil quietly steps down during the investigation. He tells Andrea that he'd once had a student fall in love with him, who killed herself after he rejected her. Once it's uncovered that Sue had suffered sexual abuse from her uncle, the investigation ended and Gil returned to his job. He was later revealed to have become engaged. Throughout high school, Gil supported Andrea in her decision to attend whichever college she thought was best. After she and her friends had graduated, Gil appeared in "Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills"—the episode in which Andrea left town to attend Yale.


  • Gil lives at 4580 Malibu Coast Drive[1]


Gil appears in 13 episodes of the show. 11 in season 3, and two in seasons 4 and 5, respectively.

SEASON 3 (11/30)
SEASON 4 (1/32)
SEASON 5 (1/32)

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