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Ginger LaMonica is a character in Season 6 of Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by Elisa Donovan.


Ginger is Valerie's best friend from Buffalo, New York.


When Brandon Walsh returns home from his summer away, he finds Ginger sleeping in his bed. Ginger makes out with him until Valerie interrupts them and Ginger continues to flirt with Brandon throughout her first stay. Valerie and Ginger pull a small con on the gang in an effort to make Valerie accepted as part of the group.

First, Barbara Korman had her ring stolen during a boat party thrown by Donna Martin. Ray Pruit was believed to be the thief when Donna found the ring in his coat pocket. In reality, Ginger had taken it and planted it in Ray's pocket.

Then, Ginger stole two hundred dollars of Brandon's money and Steve Sanders's watch. Once again, Ray got blamed. At Kelly Taylor's birthday party, a confrontation with Steve ensued before Valerie revealed Ginger as the thief. Ginger left town, but not before she said goodbye to Valerie, revealing that they had both been in on the scheme.

Ginger later returned and blackmailed Valerie, threatening to reveal a tape of their scam in the planning stages. She demanded $50,000 in exchange for leaving Los Angeles. Valerie called her bluff, but Ginger changed her to demands to one night with Valerie's boyfriend, David Silver. In response, Valerie tried to set Ginger up with Jonathan Casten. However, they concocted a plan to make Susan Keats jealous. It failed and Ginger went back to her original plan.

When David agreed to help Valerie and sleep with Ginger, Ginger gave the tape back to her. David, however, broke up with Valerie, revealing that Ginger just wanted to hurt Valerie. Therefore, her plan was ultimately a success. Ginger left Beverly Hills and was not seen again.


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