Grayson Louder, played by Emma Samms, is a character introduced in the third series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Grayson is the former wife of Adam Louder, and was mentioned repeatedly prior to her arrival. She returned to Adam's life following a two-year disappearance, stating that she'd become a drug addict after Adam had neglected her for work. Not wanting to face him until she could clean herself up, she eventually vanished and sought medical care.

Following her return, Grayson enacted plans to rebuild her marriage to Adam, which placed her in conflict with his girlfriend, Monique. As time went by, Grayson began to reveal a more aggressive, malicious side to herself, gradually alienating Adam. She later had an affair with Ben Singer, Adam's best friend, as they conspired to take his business away from him. However, Adam was onto them and quickly divorced her, giving her a monetary settlement.

One of the biggest surprises of all came when he discovered that she'd been pregnant when she
disappeared, and had given birth to their son.

Upon gaining partial control of Models Inc., Grayson began using it as a small outlet for prostitution. Her only convert was Carrie Spencer, who she used to seduce and later blackmail a judge. Eventually, however, Carrie forced the judge to reverse one of the decisions Grayson had used him for.

In the alternate ending of the series finale, Grayson was accidentally shot by a hitman she'd hired to disrupt Adam and Monique's wedding. She died in Adam's arms, wanting him to hold her.

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