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Hartley House is a television series on Beverly Hills, 90210.


Mary Jo lives in Philadelphia with her husband and their two kids. When the kids are teens, the parents have a baby, Chuckie. The following season Chuckie is a little kid and his escapades become the focus of the series.


The Hartley House is a family series which ran during the '70s/'80s. It starred Samantha Sanders and Chuck Wilson as mother and son, as well as other cast members portraying a father and other family members. The show was Samantha Sanders's star-making role that she is famous for and while she continues her career afterwards, there are times where she's shown to have some trouble finding new gigs. The producers consider a reunion special in 1991, when Chuck is a teen. Chuck has no interest in the show, but agrees to entertain talks mostly to annoy Steve, who never liked Chuck. This is compounded when Chuck asks out Steve's ex, Kelly.[1]


Samantha Sanders as Mary Jo
Chuck Wilson as Chuckie


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