Hillary Michaels is the female lead of Models Inc.. She is portrayed by Linda Gray. Hillary was introduced in Melrose Place, along with Sarah Owens.


Hillary is the suave owner of the Models Inc. modeling agency, and also the mother of Amanda Woodward. After a long separation, the two were reunited during a brief story line on Melrose Place—a development that helped to introduce Hillary's own series. She also has a son named David from another relationship, who serves as Vice President of the company.

At times, Hillary displays a caring and motherly demeanor toward some of the women who work for her. However, she is highly strict when it comes to business, often with little regard for personal costs or feelings.

The mysteryEdit

During the series' first major story line, a police investigation arose regarding the murder of model Teri Spencer. Due to the fact that Teri had planned to leave Models Inc. and work for the competition, Hillary became a suspect. She was briefly incarcerated while dating Lt. Luis Soto, an investigator who she'd met as the case played out. For a short period of time, Hillary suspected that David was the killer. As a result, she chose to conceal her innocence in order to divert attention from her son. When she told David that he needed to consider leaving the country, he informed her that he hadn't committed the murder. Hillary was later released and the actual killer was arrested.

The doctorEdit

During a highly traumatic period of her life, Carrie Spencer had begun emulating Hillary to the point of near obsession. Hillary eventually sought assistance from a doctor named Richard Heller, who she also began dating. Hillary had a less-than-pleasant history with romantic relationships, and Heller would turn out to be no different. Rather than simply treating her, Heller tormented Carrie, institutionalized her, and attempted to make her seem insane. He later explained to Carrie that he was using her to make himself look good in front of Hillary, who he wanted to marry due to her wealth. In time, Carrie was able to slip Hillary a note, informing her of the situation. Hillary then had Carrie released and Heller arrested.

The partnerEdit

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Hillary and her models

When Models Inc. faced financial troubles, the company suddenly received assistance from a mysterious investor. This person was soon revealed to be Grayson Louder, who had a grudge against model Monique Duran. After gaining power in the company, Grayson eventually began using it as an outlet for prostitution. She eventually convinced Carrie to become her first convert. Hillary began efforts to oppose the operation, but Grayson proved formidable.

The epilogueEdit

In the final moments of the series (which were initially unaired due to the possibility of another season), Grayson was suddenly killed at Monique's wedding when a sniper she'd hired ended up shooting her by accident. Hillary then decided to close down Models Inc, and wished all of her girls well.

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