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Injustice For All is the 14th episode of Season 5 of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Steve and Griffin face charges as a result of the fire. Meanwhile, Jesse takes his first case to court. Dylan receives an important message when he gets out of rehab.


At the hospital waiting room Donna, David, Brandon and Alison's girlfriend, Dana, all wait anxiously for some cheering word from the doctors about Kelly's and Alison's condition. At a lawyer's office, Rush is listening to the plans that Tom Hackman is laying out, regarding the possible huge law suits that might stem from the fire. Steve phones the hospital to check on Kelly's condition. Hackman advises that both Steve and Griffin plead "no contest" to a charge of Disturbing the Peace. He feels they will get off with a sentence of a few hours of community service. Brandon pays a brief visit to a very depressed Kelly. He tries to reassure her that she will be fine soon. At the Frat house, Eduardo is waiting to see Steve about payment for the catering services. Steve is in no mood to discuss bills and tells Eduardo he'll have to wait. Griffin breezes in telling Steve that his father is going to take care of everything. At the hospital, Jackie has come to take Kelly home, but she is not emotionally ready to leave. Dana drops by to visit and tells Kelly that Alison asked about her. Kelly decides to go with Dana to see Alison. The badly burned Alison is amazingly cheerful and Kelly feels guilty that she is able to be discharged so soon. Alison tells her that they both have a lot to be thankful for and that this whole experience can have a positive effect on their lives.

Brandon drops by to the Hanukah celebration at the campus Interfaith Center. Andrea is pleased that he has come. Brandon calls the beach house to see how Kelly is doing. She is irritable and upset that her mother is hovering over her every moment. A phone call comes from Tom Hackman, the lawyer. Jackie tells David to hang up on him, adding that he had tried to talk to her at the hospital about a settlement. She feels it is premature to discuss a monetary settlement. Kelly disagrees, saying she does not want to cause any trouble for Steve and just wants to put all of this behind her. Jackie tries to cheer her by saying the modeling agency called and wants her to see them as soon as she feels up to it. Kelly shows little interest in that idea. Brandon stops by Emily's hotel room after leaving the Hanukah celebration. He feels the need to talk with her about the guilt he has for not telling Kelly that Emily is still in town. He says he felt it inappropriate to place any additional pressures of her while she is recovering. Emily understands and reminds him that nothing has happened between them during her visit. Donna stops off at the Christmas tree lot where Ray is working for his Uncle Virgil. Ray is in a bad mood and obviously has some deep worries on his mind. At home Jesse is meeting with a father that is about to lose custody of his children to the Welfare officials. The case is part of Jesse's first real legal work with a client who is unable to hire legal counsel.

Steve visits Valerie and she offers to testify in court for him and say that they were together at the time of the fire. Steve is stunned that she would commit perjury for him and is less than pleased with the idea. On the way out he runs into Brandon and tells him how he has finally accepted the fact that he must face the responsibility for what has happened. At the Christmas tree lot, Donna finds very little improvement in Ray's attitude, but before Uncle Virgil can give some explanation, he is called away by a customer. When Brandon goes by to take Kelly in for an appointment with a plastic surgeon, he finds her very depressed and unwilling to go. He tries to change the subject by mentioning that Emily sent her best wishes to her. Kelly expresses surprise that she is still in town and then asks if Brandon has been spending time with her. He admits that he has seen her but quickly adds that it was just a casual visit. Kelly is hurt by this, Brandon wonders if he has done the right thing by being honest. Kelly calls Dylan to talk about her injuries but their conversation is interrupted by a visit to the sanitarium by Brandon. He has come to see Dylan and talk about his relationship with Kelly. Dylan suspects that Brandon's real problem is his love for Emily that has rekindled since her arrival back in town.

Donna is treated rudely again when she visits Ray at the lot, but as she is about to leave he apologizes. He tells her how every year his mother turns to alcohol around Christmas. His father and mother had a big fight some years ago at this time of year and his mother fell and loss her unborn child. She becomes very depressed at Christmas and starts drinking. Donna tells him her birthday is on Christmas. He says maybe things will improve now that she is a part of his life. Steve arrives in court and is assured by his father's lawyer that the case should be settled quickly. He mentioned that Kelly had called and agreed to settle. Steve finds his father rather hostile, however. At Emily's hotel room, Brandon tells her of Kelly's reaction to the fact that she was still in town. Emily feels that she should leave, but Brandon says he wants her to stay. In court, the verdict is handed down and Steve and Griffin are free to go. However, Steve is upset because he is prohibited from engaging in any promotional schemes for profit, for a period of two years. His father drops the hint that Griffin had told the lawyer that Steve stole the house key, and held the party without the knowledge of the real estate company. His father adds that next time don't come to him for help when his crooked schemes backfire. Steve confronts Griffin over the lies he has told and tells him that he had better be moved out of the fraternity house within the day or he will go to the newspapers with the real story of his involvement and negligence regarding the fire.

Emily goes to see Kelly and tells her that Brandon really does love her. Emily says, perhaps it is best not to tell Brandon that she came by to see her. Steve drops off a Hanukah gift for little Hannah. He says he is too depressed to come in, but Andrea gets Jesse to go outside and talk to him. When Jesse sees that Steve is feeling sorry for himself, he loses his temper and tells Steve how lucky he is. He says if Steve hadn't been a rich, white guy, he'd be in jail. Brandon takes flowers to Kelly and she is pleased to see him. She asks him to stay with her until she falls asleep. At the Peach Pit, Steve meets with Eduardo and pays him his fee plus a bonus. Steve apologizes for his rudeness. Dylan arrives back home and finds Valerie and Cindy have a "Welcome Home" cake waiting for him. As he goes through his mail he comes across a letter from a women in Michigan. The letter contains a note, she said she found in the air terminal washroom. The note is signed by Erica and begs Dylan to please come and help her, because her mother and Kevin are taking her to Brazil.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman
Luke Perry as Dylan McKay
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Mark Damon Espinoza as Jesse Vasquez
Tiffani Thiessen as Valerie Malone
Carol Potter as Cindy Walsh

Special Guest Stars

Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio
Kathleen Robertson as Clare Arnold
Jamie Walters as Ray Pruit
Christine Elise as Emily Valentine

Recurring cast

Casper Van Dien as Griffin Stone
Jed Allan as Rush Sanders

Guest starring

Ann Gillespie as Jackie Taylor
Sara Melson as Alison Lash
Allan Wasserman as Tom Hackman
Milton James as Virgil
William Fuller as The Judge


Valente Rodriquez as Mr. Pedroza
Kristine Mejia as Dana
Daniel Silvas as Eduardo
Monique Edwards as Nurse
Jeff Fried as Head of Maccabee Center
J.P. Stevenson as Orderly


Mom, let me make one thing clear: I will not do anything to hurt Steve


  • Dylan finally gets the note Erica wrote him[1].
  • Brandon tells Emily he still loves her and kisses her. She stops it and Brandon says he wishes they didn't have to


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andrea's hanukkah party
people got to be free | THE RASCALS
steve meets with eduardo


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