Like everything else, Brenda, even despair eventually exhausts itself
—Post break-up comfort[src]
Iris McKay is a recurring character on Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Stephanie Beacham.

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Iris is the free-spirited mother of Dylan McKay, and a very evolved woman. Her personality is a stark and sometimes comical contrast to that of her son. She and Dylan's father, Jack, divorced at some point during their son's childhood, and Iris would eventually move to Hawaii. At one point in the series, however, Jack still expresses admiration when speaking of her, but suggests that he finds her weird.

During her first visit in Beverly Hills, she grew close to Cindy, the mother of Dylan's girlfriend Brenda. In contrast, she didn't bond with Brenda until later, due to thinking that her aura was dark.

During her second visit in town, Iris was actually the first one who was able to console Brenda after her break-up with Dylan.

Dylan had grown emotionally distant from Iris prior to the events of the series, but the two become gradually closer with each visit. A notable instance was when Iris attended her son's high school graduation.

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