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J. Jay Jones aka "Jonesy" is a recurring character on Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Wings Hauser.


Jonesy is a former FBI agent-turned-bounty hunter/private investigator. He has a lighthearted personality and sense of humor during times when such qualities are rather inappropriate.


Jonesy is recruited by FBI Agent Christine Pettit to help Dylan recover his lost fortune.[1] With the help of Valerie and Dylan in Punta Brava, Mexico, Jonesy successfully leads the caper to reclaim Dylan's lost fortune from Kevin Weaver and Suzanne Steele. When Dylan tells Jonesy they need to also rescue Erica after the money is reclaimed, Jonesy bails and says Erica is not part of the deal. Later, he breaks through a glass door in Kevin and Suzanne's mansion just in time to help save Dylan and Valerie from danger and they successfully rescue Erica as well.[2]

Valerie is disappointed with her payout for participation in the caper from Dylan and goes to Jonesy to seek more remuneration for her work. He agrees and gives her more money under the conditions that she work with him again on a case in the future and that she share on drink with him, to which she agrees and accepts the money.[3]

Jonesy collects on his favour from Valerie, asking her to pose as a prostitute in order to blackmail a politician who is going through a divorce with his wife. The wife wants pictures of her sleezy husband with a prostitute in order to presumably get a better settlement from the divorce. This time, Jonesy's caper doesn't go exactly as planned and Valerie gets arrested in the process.[4]


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