Jack Canner is a character in Season 3 of Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by David Sherrill.

Character[edit | edit source]

A Gulf War veteran turned homeless man, Jack is confronted by Brandon Walsh on the beach near the Beverly Hills Beach Club and Brandon offers to help find Canner employment and sets up a meeting with his boss, Henry Thomas, but Canner never shows up. Months later, on a rainy thanksgiving night, Brandon is leaving the Peach Pit when he sees Jack going through the dumpster out the back, and takes him inside and provides him with a meal. Jack is then taken back to the Walsh House to stay the night, although Jim Walsh is reluctant at first. After Jack fixes a busted water pipe in the kitchen and hearing how hard Canner's life has been, with losing his family and house during the war, Jim has a change of heart and they all share a peaceful meal together.

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