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Jack McKay is a recurring character on Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Josh Taylor.


Jack, a composed charmer, is the father of Dylan McKay, who he had with his ex-wife Iris, and Erica McKay, his younger child with a woman named Suzanne Steele. In the tenth season, it was revealed that his death had been faked and for years he had been in Witness Protection living under the alias Eddie Waitkus, and that he has a new wife named Lisa and a son named Jack.


Throughout the course of the series, Jack became known as a wealthy businessman with former ties to criminal activity. His relationship with Dylan became strained following the divorce with Iris and his son's growth into a teenager. Jack later served a term in prison, only to find that Dylan had grown even more distant upon his release. Time and sentiment would soon make the two close once again, however, and eventually their bond appeared to be fully healed.

As part of his involvement in the FBI Witness Protection Program, Jack's death was staged with a car bomb. This event led his enemies—and Dylan—to believe he was dead. Years later, Steve Sanders spotted Jack amidst a group of people in a news video, and quickly brought this to Dylan's attention. After a stunned Dylan initially tried to locate him, Jack eventually came forth and explained the longtime situation with the FBI. Jack had also remarried at this point, and was planning to leave the Witness Protection Program. Dylan, however, convinced him to remain under FBI protection. After the two exchanged farewells, Jack returned to Arizona.


  • In Season 3, when Jack McKay dies in a car explosion, Josh Taylor had a meeting with the executive producers who told him that he wasn't actually dead, but that his death was faked and that he was working with the FBI. The story was supposed to be picked up again a few seasons later, but then Luke Perry left the show and it was only brought back after the original writers/producers who created the story had left the show. Taylor was also specifically instructed not to tell any of his cast mates, not even Perry, that Jack McKay wasn't really dead and so kept the secret for years before returning to the show.[1]
  • Jack first made an appearance in the tenth episode of the first season played by Terence Ford[2]. Josh Taylor's first appearance as Jack McKay was in the second season.[3]



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