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Jackie Taylor is a recurring character on Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Ann Gillespie.[2]


Jackie was a famous model when she was younger, until she had her first daughter Kelly and married millionaire Bill Taylor (whom she later divorced). She is the mother of Kelly Taylor and Erin Silver, and the stepmother of David Silver.


Jackie is introduced as a 'fun' mom: flexible about rules and, in Brenda's eyes, stylish and hip; however, Jackie suffers from addiction to drugs and alcohol, so Kelly needed to grow up way too fast and basically become her mother's caretaker, instead of her mother being her parent. After she passed out drunk at her house and made a scene in front of Kelly's friends at the mother/daughter fashion show, Jackie decides to return to rehab and Kelly drives her mother back to Timber Hill[3].

During the summer following her time in rehab, Kelly and Jackie spend some mother/daughter quality time at the beach[4]. Jackie breaks her tooth during lunch at the beach club, and a nearby dentist comes to her rescue. He asks her out and reveals that he is Mel Silver, David's father. Eventually they start dating. During a dinner where Kelly and David are invited, Kelly determines that she must break up the couple and behaves rudely during a dinner. She then breaks down in tears to Jackie and explains that she is afraid of losing her[5]. Jackie is seen again when Kelly wants to go to a underground club with her friends, but Jackie forbids this.[6]

Kelly helps Jackie cook for Christmas, but neither is very good at it. Jackie considers cooking more often anyway, since she and Mel are getting more serious. She says that their relationship is the first healthy one she has ever had. Mel shows up and tells Jackie he and David can’t come to dinner because David's mother, whom Mel is in process of divorcing, wants them home for Christmas. Jackie’s upset that she got so invested in something that won't last. She and Kelly join the Walsh family for dinner. David and Mel show up there and David eavesdrops as his father apologizes to Jackie. He thought his ex was in trouble and he owed it to her to be there for her, but now he knows they really need to be apart. He never actually went to her place; he drove around until he realized that he really wants to be with Jackie. She forgives him.[7]


Mel and Jackie marry in 1992

Months later Jackie tells Kelly that she is pregnant. Kelly's decision to confide in her friends about her mother's pregnancy wreaks major havoc in Mel and Jackie's relationship, but they stay together and on Valentine's Day, they get engaged[8]. Jackie asks Kelly to help her with the wedding. Jackie is rehearsing for it when Donna tells everybody that a pipe burst in the living room, Jackie is ready to cancel the wedding, but the Walshes offer to host the wedding at their house. The next day Jackie confess to Kelly that she is scared for the future. Kelly calms her down and Jackie gets married to Mel Silver[9].

During the summer of 1992, Jackie gives birth to her second daughter, Erin Silver, and spends most of her time taking care of her at the house. Jackie notices that Kelly is spending her time alone and worries that something might be wrong. Cindy, Jackie and their daughters, as well as Donna and Andrea, enjoy the good life for the weekend at a posh health spa, until Brenda overhears a conversation about Kelly's stepdad's unfaithfulness to Jackie. When Kelly breaks the news to her mother she worries that her mother's insecurity may lead her back to drugs after an old friend of her offers her cocaine but she rejects it and returns to her room, where Kelly tells her that she is proud of her. Before they leave the spa Cindy gives Jackie some support to confront Mel. At the Silver/Taylor house, Jackie and Mel have been arguing making things difficult for Kelly and David. Mel finally decides to move out and Jackie asks David to stay to be close to his sister Erin. Jackie can't aford the house after marrying Mel left he without alimony from her divorce and she has to sell their house.

When Kelly turns 18, Jackie helps David and the gang with a surprise birthday party for Kelly, while she continues her efforts to sell the house. At the party, Kelly faints from starvation and is taken to the hospital. Jackie spends her time with her after that. At home, Jackie tries to convince Kelly to stay with the eating-disorders support group, but Kelly refuses; she's also furious because Jackie is selling the house. Kelly has a meltdown, accuses Jackie of being a terrible mother, and leaves. When she returns, Jackie apologizes to her for her mistakes of the past. Kelly also asks for her forgiveness and they hug. After prom night, Jackie supports Donna along with Cindy and Jim Walsh.[10] Before Kelly's graduation, Jackie tells Kelly and David that the house has been sold and they need to move out in two weeks. Jackie and Kelly have a mother/daughter talk. At the graduation ceremony, Jackie talks to Kelly's father, Bill Taylor.

With Kelly and David living on their own, Jackie feels lonely and visits Kelly every now and then to help with the Beach House. One night, Jackie runs into Mel with his new girlfriend, which causes tension between Kelly and David. In October, Jackie attends the Walshes' 20th-anniversary party; after David tells her that Mel left Erin with him she gets mad, and becomes angrier when she realizes that Erin has a fever, and accuses Mel of being an irresponsible father.[11] Jackie decides to take legal action against Mel. They have a brief respite and come together when Erin goes missing, but afterwards Jackie decides to get her full custody.

A model agency offers Jackie a chance to model with her baby daughter, but she declines because it would involve Erin and she doesn't want her to have a bad childhood. Later, Kelly and Jackie talk about the modeling and Jackie confesses that she feels old and really wanted to do the photo shoot but felt like those days were over. When Kelly is burned during a house fire, Jackie comes to the hospital to look after her and offers to move in with her to help her rest and heal, but Kelly declines her offer. Later in the season Jackie decides to forgive Mel and they get back together.

Jackie throws Kelly a birthday party with her closest friends where she tells Brandon and Dylan to support her after Colin skips the party. It's later revealed that Jackie and Mel are back together. Bill tells Kelly that he will visit her, and Jackie tells her not to get excited. In the aftermath of the disappointment, Kelly becomes addicted to drugs. Brandon breaks the news to Jackie, who takes to a rehab center after she hits bottom. Jackie takes care of Kelly during her recovery and advises her to stay away from Colin. Jackie is also there to support Kelly after Tara attempts to kill her. For Christmas Mel and Jackie invite David, Donna, and her parents to dinner. Felice makes snide remarks about the pre-prom incident from four years earlier and the fact that Jackie and Mel are not married. Then, a young woman reveals to Kelly that she is her half-sister, Joy Taylor. Kelly is angry to learn that her mother hid the truth for years.

Jackie and Kelly grow closer as Jackie helps Kelly decide what to do about her pregnancy. In the Season 7 finale Jackie attends Erin's kindergarten graduation, where she tells Kelly that Bill is attending her college graduation. She is later seen at that ceremony with Mel. Before Kelly's wedding to Brandon in season eight, Jackie tells Kelly that she's proud of her and really loves her. Jackie is last seen in the series finale with her husband Mel at her stepson's wedding.


Erin Silver


After Erin is born, Kelly decides to stay in Beverly Hills instead of going to Paris with Donna because she wants to help her mother care for her newborn sister. Erin is seen at the apartment where Kelly used to live. That night, she is seen when her father comes to pick her up. She is seen again after Mel left her with David before leaving for Mexico. David takes Erin to the Walshes' party where Jackie notices Erin and notices that she has a fever. Erin went missing while under David's care. David was supposed to be taking care of her, but he was passed out after taking drugs.


Erin with Jackie in "Who's Zoomin' Who?"

Jackie is offered a chance for a mother/daughter photoshoot in a magazine article and takes Erin instead of Kelly; this causes trouble between them when Kelly sees that Erin is tired.


Erin & Colin in "Courting"

While Kelly and David are at the trial, Colin babysits Erin while Jackie and Mel are away for the weekend. Valerie tells Colin that Kelly spent the night with Brandon. Colin refuses to believe Kelly's denial, but their argument is interrupted when Erin falls in the bathtub. Colin is able to revive her using CPR. In the season 7 finale, Erin graduates from kindergarten. Kelly, Donna, David, and her parents are present at the ceremony. Erin shows an interest in soccer after Steve takes her to a game where they meet Carly Reynolds and her son Zach. Later, Kelly is upset after Erin makes negative comments about her figure. She is later seen at Kelly's wedding.


Erin & David

After Mel cheats on Jackie again, Erin begins showing signs of depression over the breakup. Jackie seeks full custody of Erin while Kelly and David try to keep their sister's spirits up. Dylan convinces Kelly and her family to help out with the charity Thanksgiving dinner that he's organized. During the dinner, Kelly attempts to stop Jackie from trashing Mel in front of Erin while Erin mopes about her parents' separation. In the series finale, Erin is shown as a flower girl at David and Donna's wedding.


  • It can be assumed that since Jackie's father was listed as Ed Taylor in the credits of the episode I'm Back Because, that Jackie's maiden name was also Taylor.
  • Jackie and Bill divorced in autumn 1978.[12]



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