Jacob Danzel, portrayed by Bill Morey, was a history teacher at West Beverly Hills High School on the flagship show, Beverly Hills, 90210, the first show in the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. He appeared in the season one episode, Higher Education.

He is first seen eating dinner at Peach Pit and is approached by Brandon Walsh. Brandon tries to strike up a conversation with him, but Mr. Danzel is cold and standoffish.

In class the next day, Mr. Danzel announces that he will be grading on a curve, which upsets Brandon because of the unfairness of his grading system. Donna Martin is heard openly mocking his wardrobe.

Brandon's grades begin to suffer and he begins getting frustrated with the curve, lashing out at Andrea Zuckerman as he tries to study with her. However, Steve Sanders gets hold of a copy of Mr. Danzel's exam and hands it over to Brandon.

Brandon gets an A on the next test, but his guilt boils over until he and Mr. Danzel have a shouting match at Peach Pit over the unfairness of his curve and the fact that he teaches memorization rather than application of historical facts.

Brandon learns from Dylan McKay that Mr. Danzel plans to retire at the end of the year and is elated. Dylan comments that Danzel taught him a lot. Mr. Danzel then embarrasses Brandon in class by applying his words to his teaching methods.

Later, Brandon encounters Mr. Danzel once again outside of Peach Pit when Mr. Danzel has a flat tire. Brandon changes it for him and Mr. Danzel confides in him that he knows all the kids talk about him, citing his clothes as something his late wife picked out for him and all that he has to remember her by.

Mr. Danzel then throws out his routine mid-term and creates a new one, thereby dooming all of the cheaters in his class and implementing some of Brandon's ideas into his class. He also implies that he knew Brandon had a copy of his mid-term, but Brandon tells him he didn't study from it. Brandon compliments him on his suit and leaves his class, the last scene we ever see Mr. Danzel. It is assumed that he retired at the end of that school year.

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