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Jake Hanson is a character in Season 2 of Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by Grant Show.


Jake is an old mentor and friend of Dylan McKay, who returns to Beverly Hills after some years away, looking for work. He runs into Brenda and Dylan at the beach and Dylan is overjoyed to see him again. It is also revealed that Jake is the one who taught Dylan how to surf. Jake ends up working for Kelly Taylor's mother, Jackie, doing construction on their house. Kelly is taken with Jake from the moment he's hired and, while their attraction is mutual at first, Jake is wary as Kelly is yet to be 18. Despite this, he starts a fling with her over the summer of '92, where Kelly visits him in his new apartment at Melrose Place. Kelly is committed to the relationship, but Jake finds it's too much and not gonna work out, so things eventually end between them.


SEASON 2 (2/28)
27. Standoff
28. Wedding Bell Blues
MENTIONS in Season 3
01. Misery Loves Company
03. Too Little, Too Late/Paris 75001
06. Castles In The Sand