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Jamie Walters is a character on BH90210, portrayed by Jamie Walters.


Walters is a chill, nice guy, playing music at a local dive bar where he lives, 2 hours outside of L.A. and working as a firefighter for a living.


When Tori trips and falls down the stairs at the lot, she gets an epiphany and realizes who is possibly targeting them. She explains to Shannen Doherty who had left the series by Season 6 of Beverly Hills, 90210 Jamie's character of Ray Pruit, who was abusive to Donna Martin and at one point had told her to "stop acting like I'm not even here," which is the same quote that was written over the door keeping most of the sets for the reboot. This leads Tori to believe Jamie is the one with a strong enough vendetta against them. When confronted by the original cast he seems to be clueless about the accusations being thrown at him. He says that he quit acting and is a firefighter now. Tori reminds him of all the hate mail he got over the storyline with Donna that ruined his career. Eventually his name is cleared, and he accepts Tori's apology of jumping to conclusions and blaming him. Though he does make the original 90210 cast sing alongside him to the audience's dismay.[1]


  • The episode sheds light on Jamie's real life turmoil regarding the aforementioned story line his character got, and how it basically derailed his acting career.[1]


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