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Janet Sosna is a principal character on Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Lindsay Price.


Janet was introduced as an emotionally guarded young woman who met and developed an attraction toward Steve Sanders. While Steve was interested in her as well, he was perplexed upon discovering that Janet initially wanted to keep their relationship purely sexual. In time, however, she could not deny having deeper feelings for him, and the two soon embraced a far more loving bond.

Janet eventually became pregnant with Steve's child, and the two were later engaged. Steve revealed that the baby was not the only reason for the marriage, and that he would have eventually asked Janet no matter what. Shortly after she gave birth to Madeline, Janet became distraught when her parents seemed displeased with how quickly the events in her life had progressed. They later realized that their daughter was truly happy with Steve, however, and came to accept this while meeting their granddaughter.

Janet concluded the series a happily married mother, continuing her life with Steve and Madeline.