Jess Hanson (Dan Cortese)

Jess Hanson, played by Dan Cortese, is a recurring character seen on Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Jess was the hard-shelled, long-estranged brother of Jake Hanson. Following a rocky reunion, overseen by Jake's companion Jo, the brothers attempted to resolve their differences when Jake eventually expressed his affection for Jess, prompting Jess to reciprocate.

Soon afterwards, Jess paid Jake an unexpected visit. However, when Jake correctly suspected that Jess had become a criminal, ill feelings arose once again. Jess then began a romantic relationship with a sympathetic Jo, who was unaware of his illegal activities. After taunting Jake about the relationship, Jess found himself on the receiving end of a reluctantly thrown punch. Jess later hired a gang to rob Jake's bar, Shooters, intending for them to shoot and kill Jake in the process. The gang struck the bar and fled, but Jake survived the shot after being quickly hospitalized. Jess then took over Shooters during Jake's absence.

Eventually, Jess presented Jo with an unwrapped ring and made a sudden marriage proposal. Feeling suspicious and discomforted, Jo declined, prompting Jess to beat her up before leaving the apartment in a fit of rage. After Jake had recovered and learned of Jo's injuries, he confronted Jess at his construction job. The two then engaged in a struggle that ended with them both falling from a significant height. Only Jake survived, as Jess broke his fall.

After recovering, Jake saw that Jess was given a proper burial. Soon afterwards, Jess's ex-wife, Shelly Hanson, came to town looking for him. A sympathetic Jake then revealed what had happened, and offered Shelly comfort. Eventually, after much reluctance, Jake began a romantic relationship with her. However, Shelly was eventually revealed to be manipulating Jake in an effort to steal from him, and was soon arrested.

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