Jill Fleming is a guest character in Season 4 of Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Robia LaMorte.

Character[edit | edit source]

Jill is the daughter of a director who lent Steve Sanders his Malibu beach house to house sit for a couple of weeks in the summer. She was from New York and arrived in town to find Brandon Walsh in the house, mistaking him for a burglar. She almost maced him and, according to Brandon, tried to poke out his eyeballs. When they figured out their misunderstanding, Jill softened. Steve, meanwhile, made it obvious that he had always had a crush on her, which caused friction between himself and Celeste Lundy, his current girlfriend. Jill apparently taught Steve how to French kiss when they were kids. As Steve was about to confess his feelings, Jill asked him about Brandon and made it known she was interested in him. Later on the week, Brandon and Jill took on Steve and Celeste in a doubles tennis match with Steve and Celeste winning.

However, tension over Jill had caused Steve and Brandon to be over-competitive to the point where a rematch was set. During the rematch, Steve hit Jill with the tennis ball, which caused Brandon and Steve to have an argument. She and Celeste walked out on the game. Jill started packing and Told Brandon she was going home. However, she later calmed down and confessed that there were underlying circumstances to her reaction. Apparently, in New York, Jill was raped at knife point. She asked Brandon to sleep, and only sleep, with her on her last night in L.A. She woke up feeling safe in Brandon's arms and later returned to New York.

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