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Jim & Cindy is a relationship on Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by Carol Potter and James Eckhouse.


Jim and Cindy are the parents of Brandon and Brenda Walsh and are mainly introduced as such. They met when in college and married when Cindy was 25, in 1973. Throughout the show, Cindy and Jim have a steady relationship, an equal partnership in their parenting and a lot of romance and love for each other. They are not without conflicts, among them an old college friend who makes a move on a confused Cindy; their, at times, very different opinions with regard to raising Brenda and Brandon; and their priorities of work and family. However, time and again, Cindy and Jim weather storms and continue to have a happy life together.


When Jim gets a promotion, the whole family has to move out to Los Angeles, from Minneapolis. Cindy isn't thrilled about being in a new city without her friends and family, being a homemaker while Jim is constantly working as his new job is very demanding. Simultaneously, they have to deal with how their kids are handling the huge shift it is for the teens to try and fit in with this vastly different culture. Jim hires a housekeeper, Anna, without consulting Cindy, and later buys a jogging set for a work trip which Cindy mistakes for a wrapped present for her. After a while, Cindy and Anna become friendly and work at bridging the language barrier between them, although Cindy does not seem to be learning any Spanish. At a plant nursery, they are spotted by Cindy's old flame, whom she hasn’t seen i 20 years.



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Notes and references[]

  1. Twenty Years Ago Today — in that episode they celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary