Joan, played by Kim Zimmer, was a character introduced in Models Inc., the third series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Joan was a woman who paid for the sexual services of Eric Dearborn after being recommended to him by Dinah Malone. After their affair got back to Joan's husband, he stormed into Stage 99, where Eric worked, and punched him.

Joan then approached Eric and told him she considered their affair real, despite paying for him to be with her and that she wanted to continue seeing him.

She was later revealed to be an old friend of Hillary Michaels. After telling her about her upcoming divorce, Joan gave Hillary the number for a male prostitute, not knowing that Hillary and Eric already knew each other.

Joan fell in love with Eric, but her husband, Bob, made Eric an offer to get out of her life. Knowing that the relationship was never going to go anywhere, Eric took the money. Joan was upset, but the two of the ended on good terms by the end of the series.

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