John Martin is a recurring character on FOX teen soap, Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Michael Durrell.

Series Edit

John is shown as the lenient and loving father of Donna Martin, and husband of Felice Martin. On some occasions, his nature compared to Felice's, causes them to react differently to the events of their daughter's life. When Donna was penalized by her high school for being found drunk, Felice was initially unsupportive of efforts to make an appeal on her daughter's behalf, but later changed her mind. In doing so, she stood alongside the other parents of the show, and admitted that what she wanted most was for Donna to graduate on time. Additionally, when John and Felice developed reservations about one of their daughter's boyfriends, Ray Pruit, Felice attempted to pay him to end the relationship. This caused a brief rift between Donna and her mother. After Donna had stopped seeing Ray, she later reunited with David Silver, who John and Felice had approved of.

It was later revealed that John had another daughter named Gina, a fitness instructor who was long believed to be Donna's cousin. Eventually, John and Gina began to bond following the revelation. While the two were exercising together, John, who'd had a history of health issues, suffered a stroke and lost his life. While reciting his eulogy, Donna became too emotional to continue, and Gina finished it. Gina then shared affectionate moments with Donna and Felice before departing town.

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