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John Reilly is an American actor. Reilly portrays Bill Taylor on Beverly Hills, 90210.


The Chicago-born actor’s early career began with arcs on As The World Turns (as Dr. Dan Stewart), How The West Was Won, Quincy M.E. and Dallas (as Roy Ralston).

In February 1984, he made his GH debut as Sean Donely, Robert Scorpio’s former WSB (World Security Bureau) boss, who proved to be a bit of a foil during Frisco and Felicia’s Aztec Treasure hunt (watch his debut below). Following a redemption arc, superspy Sean was romantically paired with actress Tiffany Hill (played by Sharon Wyatt).

Following Reilly’s 11-year GH run, he voiced Hawkeye/Clint Barton on the animated Iron Man series, played Kelly Taylor’s father on Beverly Hills, 90210, and then had multi-year runs on both Sunset Beach (as Del Douglas) and Passions (replacing the late David Bailey as Alistair Crane).[1]


John was a towering presence on TV for decades, a leading man, in the great tradition. With a twinkle in his eye and a smile that lit up stages, he was a pro's pro. We were thrilled to have him join the series as Bill Taylor, Kelly's father.[2]


  • John C. Reilly uses a middle initial professionally, as Mr. Reilly was already registered[1]

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