Jonah Adam Miller is a main character on CW drama soap Melrose Place 2.0. He is portrayed by Michael Rady.

Series arcEdit

Jonah Miller was a struggling filmmaker who attended NYU and moved to Los Angeles a year and a half before the show began. At the start of the series, he got engaged to his girlfriend of five years, Riley Richmond, despite a slight hesitation in her decision to agree to the marriage. His first proposal was interrupted by the scream of Violet Foster, who had found the body of Sydney Andrews floating dead in the pool.

Jonah then had to film the birthday party of Gary Sarling's daughter, where he accidentally filmed Gary making out with one of his daughter's friends. Jonah showed himself as a man with integrity after Sarling offered to buy his short film in exchange for the tape.

Ella Simms was shown to be very fond of him. She scored him a job shooting a music video through WPK Public Relations with hype created only by her. Although he considered quitting after Taryn Manning pulled a gun on him, he stuck it out when Ella told him her job depended on him.

However, after shooting the video, Caleb Brewer made sure that someone more famous got the credit because it was better for the agency. Ella tried to fight for him, but ultimately caved.

Later, he was invited to a big movie premiere by Zac McGalvin, a friend of his from film school in New York who made it big in the movie industry. Riley managed to get him a conversation with Charlie Kitsis, Zac's very successful agent.

After finding out that Riley kissed Auggie Kirkpatrick, Jonah got angry and went out to meet Kendra Wilson, with whom he had similar interests. They ended up kissing as well, but the next day Jonah told Riley. They had an argument and Jonah began to drift closer to Ella.

He briefly worked at WPK Agency as their IT guy, but quit very quickly. Ella then got him a meeting with Curtis Heller to pitch his movie to him. Surprisingly, despite seeming completely bored during his presentation, Heller bought the rights to the movie.

Jonah was on his way to Las Vegas to get married when he received the news. After fighting with Riley, he slept with Ella.