Jonathan Casten is a recurring character in Season 6 of Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Carl T. Evans.

Character Edit

Jonathan is the ex-boyfriend of Susan Keats and former editor of The Condor, California University's newspaper.

1996 Edit

He arrives on New Year's Eve 1995 and smugly declares to Brandon Walsh that he is in love with Susan and is going to win her back. Although he had a respect for Brandon's writing, he declared Brandon irrelevant to his and Susan's relationship and ended up kissing her at midnight as 1996 rolled in.

As the details unfolded of Jonathan's and Susan's relationship, it became known that they broke up because Susan had an abortion after Jonathan got her pregnant. Jonathan was pro-life and did not approve of her decision. Jonathan was a skilled pilot and took Brandon Walsh, Steve Sanders, and Joe Bradley on a test flight. However, Joe had some issues with his heart after going on the flight and passed out, which cut short any future trips into the air.

In an attempt to get rid of Jonathan, Valerie Malone set him up with her old friend, Ginger LaMonica. The two concocted a deal to make Susan jealous, which ended with Susan punching Jonathan in the jaw. Jonathan continued to hang around trying to break up Brandon and Susan, but was ultimately unsuccessful. He later left town.

Episodes Edit

Turn Back the Clock
Fade In, Fade Out
Nancy’s Choice
Bleeding Hearts
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