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That was me getting through my anger. This is me getting through
—Jordan on writing[src]

Jordan Bonner is a recurring character in Season 3 of Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Michael Rawlins.


Jordan is a high school newspaper reporter who co-wrote a story on gang violence with Brandon Walsh following a shooting at a football game. He is level-headed and intelligent, and ends up getting a full scholarship to Yale. He has a brief romance with Andrea Zuckerman, but it never goes anywhere since Andrea decides last minute to forgo Yale and attend California University.


Jordan is a senior at Shaw High School in California. In 1992, at the beginning of his senior year, a football match takes place at his school. Two outsiders, gang members, enter the stadium, shoot and kill two students, one of whom was Bose Hinton. Both the students who were killed were Jordan's friends. While in his mourning, he keeps an eye on how officials handle the repercussions, specifically the negative implications racism can have on the future of his school and neighbourhood. Their upcoming game against rich school West Beverly Hills High School is being re-evaluated because of the shooting and the suggestion that the game be played at West Beverly instead of Shaw is floated, due to misconceptions that the gang violence somehow has something to do with the Shaw students. Jordan attends the meeting held by the school board and encounters Brandon Walsh, whom Jordan questions about the proposals, and, exasperated, Jordan tries to get Brandon to understand the racist implications as well as how the gang will take over Shaw if they play that game anywhere else.

Brandon doesn't understand, but tries to help by visiting Jordan at Shaw to talk to him about what can be done. Jordan comes up with a plan for them to write two editorials to hold record of the impact on the community at Shaw.[1]


  • Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea Zuckerman) informed attendees at the August 2019 live "...with Brian Austin Green" podcast at Torrance High School, the setting for West Beverly Hills High School, that studio executives put racist constraints on the storylines, eg. Andrea wasn't allowed to touch Jordan, let alone kiss him, when they were dating.[2]


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