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Josh Hunter is a character in Season 8 of Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Michael Trucco.


Josh is the older brother of Noah Hunter. Josh resents Noah because Noah's mother, Blythe, broke up his mother's marriage to their father, Daniel Hunter. Josh caused even more problems for Noah when he showed up at The Beverly Beat.



Josh Hunter hitting on Valerie

Although Josh is engaged he pursues Valerie Malone. When she wasn't looking, Josh slipped rohypnol into her drink and had planned on having sex with her. However, while he was distracted from a phone call from his fiancée, a drunken Noah had stumbled into the back with Valerie. They ended up having sex. the doctor later informed Valerie that she had been "roofied". Thinking Noah was responsible, she brought civil charges against him. Josh Hunter illegally provided Donna with drugs, which she ended up getting hooked on. Donna was rifling through Josh's things when she found rohypnol in his things. When Noah came in and learned everything Josh had done, he pinned his brother down and told him he was pathetic. He then offered to back Valerie up if she filed charges against him. Josh was sentenced to one year in prison for misdemeanor drug possession.


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