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Josh Richland is a recurring character on Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Joshua Beckett.


Josh is a part of the progressive party at California University and and editor of the student newspaper, The Condor.


As part of his reporter duties, Josh takes it upon himself to investigate Brandon Walsh and his involvement in D'Shawn Hardell's academic career, making unfounded accusations that could harm Brandon's status. He doesn't like Brandon at first and searches for any skeletons in his closet. Brandon has Kelly Taylor pose as his girlfriend at a retreat so Josh won't discover Brandon's relationship with Lucinda Nicholson.

Josh later has a change of heart and asks Brandon to be his running mate in the campus presidential race. Brandon resists, but ultimately decides to accept the offer. Brandon and Josh go for a ride one day and Brandon tells Josh that he was a terrible driver. On the night of the campaign speeches Josh's car breaks down on the freeway during rush hour traffic and Brandon has to make up a speech on the spot. The following day, everyone tells Brandon that he should be the president and Josh should be the vice president.

On the night of the election, Josh and Brandon were tired of people asking if they had heard from Kelly and Steve yet, so they snuck out of the Peach Pit party being thrown. Josh then proceeded to ask Brandon if he wanted to go on a drive with him to clear their heads. Brandon said, "In your car, I think not." Josh then got into his car backed out of his spot and left the Pit's parking lot. Brandon is facing the other way, when he hears a car horn, and then a crash, then we see Richland's car being pushed by a truck. Brandon runs to go help when the car catches on fire. Kelly then appears when the ambulance and the fire department are there and tells Brandon that they won the election.



  • Larry Mollin named the character after his '80s cocaine dealer, Craig Richland[2]


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