Julie Dante is a main character on FOX drama Models Inc.. She is portrayed by Kylie Travis.

Character Edit

Julie is a model with a playfully pompous, sarcastic demeanor. It was eventually revealed that her father had committed suicide while she was young, an event which was rumored to account for some of her personality. Prior to the beginning of the series, Julie was romantically involved with David Michaels, who she eventually won back following his relationship with Sarah Owens. However, their reunion wound up being short, as David soon left to begin his own modeling agency. Julie, for a while, began pursuing Adam Louder, despite him dating Monique Duran and surfer Craig Bodi pursuing her.

Julie didn't want Craig because she thought he was a bum without any money. Monique and Julie clashed over him, ultimately ending up in a fist fight during a photo shoot. Later, however, Adam would tell Julie in a definitive manner that nothing would ever happen between them

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Julie eventually became involved with Craig Bodi, who ended up being a rich novelist the entire time. As Craig helped her to lighten up, the pair began falling in love. Julie's sister, Anna Jacobs, came to town soon afterwards and eventually tried coming between the couple. In the end, however, the bond between Craig and Julie overcame all obstacles, and they became engaged.

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