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Kevin Weaver is a character on Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by David Hayward.


Kevin is introduced as the chemist boyfriend of Suzanne Steele. He initially gains the interest of Dylan McKay when he mentions a chemical cleanup project he had been developing, but had no funds to distribute. Dylan offers to fund his project with help from Jim Walsh, but Kevin talked Dylan into cutting Jim and the other investors out of the deal. After marrying Suzanne, Kevin ran off with her and her daughter, Erica McKay, with Dylan's investment in their possession. He was later found by J. Jay Jones in Punta Brava, Mexico. With the help of Valerie Malone and Jonesy, Dylan finally saved Erica from them and the trio retrieved all of Dylan's money while Kevin and Suzanne were arrested.


SEASON 4 (6/32)

Acting Out
Truth and Consequences
Vital Signs
Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington: Part 1
Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington: Part 2

SEASON 5 (2/32)

The Dreams of Dylan McKay
Hazardous To Your Health