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Laura Kingman is a recurring character in Season 4 of Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Tracy Middendorf.


Laura is a student at California University, who is also a dancer. She later takes an interest in acting and is introduced when she agrees to a blind date with Steve Sanders. Although Laura and Steve initially hit it off, Steve breaks things off with her after they sleep together, because he is with Celeste Lundy. Afterwards, Laura states that Steve raped her and wants to share her story at the "Take Back The Night" rally, but Kelly Taylor, not believing Laura's claims, stands up at the rally and tells everyone the story about how Steve saved her from a rapist two years prior, on Halloween.[1] Steve talks to Laura afterwards, and she tells him that while she never said "no", she didn't say "yes" to sleeping together, which has Steve reflect on his own behaviour and consent. In the Spring, Laura competes with Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor for the part of Maggie the Cat in "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" produced by California University. Putting their past behind them, Steve agrees to coach Laura in acting to win the part.

After a stellar audition, Laura feels sure she got the part as Brenda choked in hers. However, Brenda gives director Roy Randolph a private audition and wins the part, with Laura becoming her understudy. Unable to cope with losing the part, Laura starts sabotaging Brenda, leaving Brenda a message for rehearsal time changes in hopes that Brenda would get fired for not showing up at the appropriate time. Laura suggests to get Steve that he should injure Brenda in order for Laura to take the role, which makes Steve realize Laura isn't well.

After the truth is revealed, Roy Randolph publicly fires Laura, kicking her out of the company. Steve finds a note in Laura's room stating she will try to take her own life at the theater. Steve and Brenda find Laura and Steve calls security. While Brenda tries to talk Laura out of harming herself, Steve grabs her and prevents her from harm.[2][3]

Laura is last seen being taken away by medics and Steve later packs up her room, promising her parents to ship her things back to Laura's home in Fresno.[4]


Otherwise Engaged
And Did It... My Way
Take Back The Night
Acting Out
Truth and Consequences

Notes and references[]

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