Lauren Yung is a main character on CW drama soap Melrose Place 2.0. She is portrayed by Stephanie Jacobsen.

Series arcEdit

Lauren was a med student whose father was laid off and left her strapped for money to pay for her tuition to med school. She, through a patient's son, Toby, temporarily took jobs as a high-end call girl to help pay for her schooling expenses.

She applied to be an intern with Michael Mancini and eventually got the job, with Michael saying she was too good to pass up. Meanwhile, Lauren continued to prostitute herself, ut came up against some high-class opposition in Wendi Mattison, who ran a hotel prostitution ring.

She eventually became romantically involved with fellow Melrose Place tenant David Breck. By mid-season's end, one of Lauren's clients, Rick Paxton, slipped her drugs which caused her to accidentally overdose. She called David and he found her just in time to bring her to the the hospital. She woke up the next day feeling better, but David grew suspicious.

Just as she was getting ready for her last job, it turned out that she was going to sleep with then none other than her boss, and David's father, Dr. Michael Mancini. Michael blackmailed Lauren into breaking up with David so she could keep her medical career. Lauren eventually decided to reveal her secret to her friends.

After Drew Pragin discovered that a heart valve invented by Michael was leaking toxins into the bloodstream of its patients, he confronted him with his knowledge and was set up to have stolen medication in his locker. Lauren, who was at first reluctant to believe Drew, stopped a surgery and announced to the staff Drew's findings. Michael was not happy at her actions.

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