Lucinda Nicholson is a recurring character in Season 4 of Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Dina Meyer.

Character[edit | edit source]

Lucinda is a cultural anthropology ph.d. student at California University, working on her documentary thesis on women's values in various cultures. She is married to a sociology professor, Corey Randall, but has affairs. She and Brandon start seeing each other, until he discovers that she's married. Lucinda is a sensual, sexually liberated woman, but also unsure of what she wants and sometimes shields her unhappiness with her work.

Story[edit | edit source]

After flirting at the college gym, Lucinda starts seeing Brandon Walsh, in spite of their 8 year age difference. Brandon is judgmental about Lucinda's life choices, and also abstain's from continuing any romance with her once he discovers she's married, mostly due to his being in her husband's class. However, Lucinda is persistent and D'Shawn Hardell notices their attraction, attempting to blackmail Brandon into taking a test for him. Brandon leaves town effectively ending their relationship.

Lucinda returns to CU to teach a new course, "Feminist Perspectives in Cultural Anthropology", which Brenda attends with the Andrea, Kelly and Donna. After finding out from Brenda that Lucinda and Corey Randall divorced, Brandon pays Lucinda a visit to apologise and see how she is. Lucinda tells Brandon that she was unhappy, but unwilling to break up with her husband, who ended things with her. Brandon and Lucinda start seeing each other, this time free of any concerns of secrecy (at least marital ones). As it is illegal for professors to fraternise with students, they still have to hide their romance, which becomes difficult when the Condor editor, Josh Richland, starts looking into Brandon's relationship with Corey Randall, D'Shawn Hardell and Lucinda. To provide a cover, Lucinda suggests that Brandon bring Kelly as his date to task force events.

When Kelly suggests Dylan as a possible patron of her documentary project, Brandon, already feelings outshone by Dylan's fortune, gets jealous and is afraid that Lucinda will gravitate toward Dylan. Lucinda indeed finds herself attracted to Dylan and makes a pass at him. When Brandon finds out he breaks up with her, as he doesn't want something non-committal. Lucinda is still interested in him, but he rejects her with appalling, sexist insults. Despite this, Lucinda joins the Educational Task Force meeting in D.C. to restart her fling with Brandon. Realising she has competition in Clare Arnold, she and Lucinda team up to "break down Brandon's goodie two shoes image" and get him to have some fun. Despite his attraction to both women, Brandon is looking for a relationship, and gets together with Kelly.

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

  1. Twenty Years Ago Today — Lucinda mentions to Brandon that she's 27
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