Lydia Leeds is a guest character in Season 1 of Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Marcy Kaplan.

Story[edit | edit source]

Lydia is a semi-famous actress who is the star of a television show called Keep It Together. She first appeared as she was shooting a scene with a purse-stealing thief character. She tries to convince him not to steal and the the scene cuts and they print. When their extra doesn't show for the scene, the director, Jake, gets his assistant to convince Brandon Walsh to take his place. Brandon shows up in the makeup trailer, not recognizing Lydia and mistaking her for a makeup artist while trashing the show.

Lydia plays along and does Brandon's makeup until he recognizes her. She finishes his makeup and the two seem to hit it off during their scene together. Lydia was a former classmate of Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin, but had since moved off into her own little showbiz world after her fame got the best of her. Lydia showed up at the school in a limousine, giving Brandon a ride to the set. They shot their scene, which consisted of them making out over and over again. Lydia and Brandon both stated that they could get used to it.

Lydia showed up at the Walsh Family House to take Brandon to a party, meeting Brenda Walsh, as well as Jim and Cindy Walsh. She made a bad first impression on Brenda, acting like a snob and bragging about her accomplishments as an actress. They arrived at the party and she soon started running down all of the other actors in the room to Brandon, stating that she wanted to be respected as an actress once the ride was over. She had her first kiss on the show with Sean Judson and was upset because interviewers kept asking her about it. After Sean arrived, she purposely kissed Brandon so that Sean would see her. The next day, Sean, who had been in a dispute with the producers, came to terms and returned to the show. This was the beginning of the end for Brandon's acting career, as Sean's return meant Brandon got cut from the show. Lydia showed up and mended fences with Brandon, who was offended at being used to make Sean jealous. They said they would keep in touch, but Lydia was never heard from on the show again.

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