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Mel Gilden (born July 3, 1947) — american author, who adapted Beverly Hills, 90210 teleplays into series of novels. Wrote more than 40 books for adult and children. Wrote stories for Los Angeles Times and Washington Post.


The Beverly Hills, 90210 series:

The M. Is for Monster series:

  • M. Is for Monster
  • Born To Howl

The Zoot Marlowe series:

  • Surfing Samurai Robots
  • Hawaiian U.F.O. Aliens
  • Tubular Android Superheroes

The Star Trek series:

  • The Starship Trap
  • Boogeymen
  • The Pet (with Ted Pedersen)
  • Cardassian Imps

The Cybersurfers series (with Ted Pedersen):

  • Pirates On The Internet
  • Cyberspace Cowboys
  • Ghost On The Net
  • Cybercops & Flame Wars

The Fifth Grade Monsters series:

  • Z Is For Zombie
  • Monster Mashers
  • Monster In Creeps Head Bay
  • How To Be A Vampire In One Easy Lesson
  • Island Of The Weird
  • Werewolf Come Home
  • Monster Boy
  • Troll Patrol
  • Things That Go Bark In The Park
  • Yuckers
  • The Secret Of Dinosaur Bog

The Nascar Racers series:

  • Red Flag (with Michael Teitelbaum)
  • Lightning Pace

Other novels:

  • NASCAR Racers
  • Dangerous Hardboiled Magicians
  • The Return Of Captain Conquer
  • Harry Newberry & The Raiders Of The Red Drink
  • Outer Space & All That Junk
  • The Pumpkins Of Time
  • The Planetoid Of Amazement
  • The Secret Of Spider Motel
  • RV & The Haunted Garage
  • Pet Of Frankenstein
  • My Brother Blubb
  • Blubb & The Chocolate Treasure
  • Blubb & The Amazing Morphing Machine
  • Chain Reaction
  • Britney Spears Is A Three-Headed Alien
  • The Accidental Time Cadet
  • The Coincidence Couch
  • Dr. Big
  • The Jabberwock Came Whiffling
  • The Sea Was Wet As Wet Could Be
  • The Lucky Duck Affair


  • Selezione Bancarellino Award for Children's Fiction