Melrose Place is the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. In the United States, it originally aired on the FOX television network.

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The show was created by Darren Star and produced by Spelling Television. Premiering in 1992, the series originated as a lightly toned drama about the personal and professional aspirations of several young adults in Los Angeles (many of whom live in the titular apartment complex). As it progressed toward the second season, however, the show gained the reputation it holds today, presenting stories of a more sensational nature that featured love affairs, blackmail, revenge, crumbling sanity, angst-ridden couples, and other extraordinary happenings. In 1999, the series concluded after seven seasons.


Grant Show as Jake Hanson
Daphne Zuniga as Jo Reynolds
Thomas Calabro as Michael Mancini
Josie Bissett as Jane Andrews
Andrew Shue as Billy Campbell
Doug Savant as Matt Fielding
Laura Leighton as Sydney Andrews
special guest star
Heather Locklear as Amanda Woodward


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Melrose Place/Gallery
Actor Character Main Recurring Not present
Thomas Calabro Michael Mancini 1-7 - -
Josie Bissett Jane Mancini 1-5; 7 - 6
Andrew Shue Billy Campbell 1-6 7 -
Grant Show Jake Hanson 1-5 - 6-7
Courtney Thorne-Smith Alison Parker 1-5 - 6-7
Doug Savant Matt Fielding 1-5 6 7
Amy Locane Sandy Harling 1 - 2-7
Vanessa A. Williams Rhonda Blair 1 - 2-7
Daphne Zuniga Jo Reynolds 1-4 - 5-7
Heather Locklear Amanda Woodward 2-7 (credited as special guest star) 1 (credited as special guest star) -
Laura Leighton Sydney Andrews 2 (credited as recurring character); 3-5 1 6-7
Marcia Cross Kimberly Shaw 3 (credited as recurring character); 4-5 1-2 6-7
Jack Wagner Peter Burns 4-7 3 1-2
Kristin Davis Brooke Armstrong 4 3 1-2; 5-7
Patrick Muldoon Richard Hart 4 (credited as special guest star) 3; 5 (credited as special guest star) 1-2; 6-7
Brooke Langton Samantha Reilly 5-6 4; 7 1-3
Rob Estes Kyle McBride 5-7 - 1-4
Kelly Rutherford Megan Lewis 5-7 - 1-4
Lisa Rinna Taylor McBride 5-6 7 1-4
David Charvet Craig Field 5-6 - 1-4; 7
Alyssa Milano Jennifer Mancini 6 5; 7 1-4
Linden Ashby Brett Cooper 6 7 1-5
Jamie Luner Lexi Sterling 6-7 - 1-5
John Haymes Newton Ryan McBride 7 - 1-6
Rena Sofer Eve Cleary 7 (but credited as recurring character) - 1-6


Character Season Reason of departure
Amanda Woodward 7 End of series
Michael Mancini 7 End of series
Jane Mancini 5; 7 Moves in with parents; end of series
Billy Campbell 7 Goes to Rome with Jennifer
Alison Parker 5 Moves out from LA
Jake Hanson 5 Moves with son and former girlfriend
Matt Fielding 6 Death in a car accident in season 7, killed off
Sandy Harling 1 Gets a job as an actress in New York
Rhonda Blair 1 Marriage with Terrence
Jo Reynolds 4 Moves to Bosnia with Dominick O'Malley
Sydney Andrews 5 Death (revealed fake in the 2009 series)
Kimberly Shaw 5 Death due to aneurysm
Peter Burns 7 End of series
Brooke Armstrong 4 Accidentally hits her head and dies
Richard Hart 5 Death in a police shootout
Samantha Reilly 7 Moves away from LA with Jeff
Kyle McBride 7 End of series
Taylor McBride 7 Moves to Boston with Michael's son
Megan Lewis 7 End of series
Craig Field 6 Suicide
Jennifer Mancini 7 Goes to Rome with Billy
Lexi Sterling 7 End of series
Brett Cooper 7 Runs away after attempting to kill Lexi
Ryan McBride 7 End of series
Eve Cleary 7 End of series