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Mike Ryan is a character in Season 4 of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Mike Ryan is a senior at CU and becomes the president of the KEG fraternity where Steve Sanders pledges, following the departure of former president, Charlie Dixon. Mike is a fair president and is often seen doing the right thing, an example of which is helping Steve prevent John Sears from taking advantage of a young girl.

In the spring, on their way to a Dodgers game, Steve and Brandon Walsh use the phone at a coffee house, where Steve spots Mike on a date with a guy. Mike admits to Steve that he is gay, but implores Steve not to tell the fraternity. When Artie Devers later taunts Steve with homophobic jeers, Steve reveals that Mike is gay. Although Mike is angry at Steve, preparing to leave the fraternity, they eventually mend fences when Steve stands up for Mike as Artie rallies the KEG brothers to vote Mike out. With Keith seconding Steve, KEG keep Mike as their president, while Artie leaves KEG.


  • The character was recast as Brandon Douglas refused to play a 'gay character' stating it would 'ruin his career'. Many people passed on the role, including Patrick Fabian, who portrayed the original president, Charlie Dixon[1]


SEASON 4 (5/32)
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14. Windstruck
16. Crunch Time
26. Blind Spot

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