Monique Duran is a recurring character on FOX drama Models Inc.. She is portrayed by Stephanie Romanov.

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Monique began working at Models Inc. shortly after the mystery surrounding Teri Spencer's death had been solved. She was a friendly and strong-willed woman whose resemblance to Teri was initially quite awkward for the other employees. In time, however, she won several friends at the agency. She also comforted Carrie Spencer during a moment in which she was deeply missing her sister. While on business, Monique eventually met Adam Louder, a club owner who initially rejected their attraction. She later figured out that Adam was grieving over a woman from his past, and gave him his space. Adam later paid Monique a surprise visit at the models' beach house following an adventure at sea, coming ashore with companions as she and her friends looked on in awe. The two began to bond more closely afterwards, and started dating.

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Monique and the others

Eventually, Adam's wife Grayson made a sudden return, and boldly told Monique that she intended to take Adam back. Though she was initially discouraged, Monique later chose to fight for her finance, and Adam made it clear that he wanted to be with her as well. At their wedding, Grayson wound up being fatally shot when a sniper she'd hired accidentally hit her. Needing to get away afterwards, the couple embarked on their honeymoon.

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