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Mr. Chapman is a character on Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by Scott Jaeck.


Mr. Chapman works as a teacher at West Beverly Hills High School. In the gang’s junior year, he assigns David Silver a video project for the big upcoming football game. After the death of Scott Scanlon rocks the school, Mr. Chapman gives a warm speech, and tries to ease David's schedule due to his loss, but David won't have it.[1]

Mr. Chapman chaperones the Christmas dance, in which Chuck Wilson approaches him and tries to have Steve Sanders thrown out due to his suspension after they had a fight. Mr. Chapman reluctantly asks Steve to leave, which Steve does peacefully after a last confrontation with Chuck.[2]

Chapman also coaches the relay team and once it comes out that members of the team are using steroids, Chapman expresses disgust at their behavior, but also maintains that testing is not a practical option. He doesn’t change this position until the issue is resolved as doing so would see West Beverly forfeiting the season. In the end, everyone finally comes forward after a big fight among the team members.[3]

In the gang’s senior year, Chapman returns as West Beverly Hills High School has a big upcoming football season with a school called Shaw High School that was recently the victim of gang violence which claimed two lives at their latest game. Everyone is antsy about attending their field.


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