Mr. Chapman was a fictional character on the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Mr. Chapman was a teacher at West Beverly Hills High School. He first appeared in the episode The Next Fifty Years as having assigned David Silver a video project for the big upcoming football game. After the death of Scott Scanlon rocked the school, Mr. Chapman gave a warm speech and tried to ease David's schedule due to his loss, but David wouldn't have it.

Mr. Chapman was next seen at a dance in which Chuck Wilson approached him and tried to have Steve Sanders thrown out due to his suspension after they had a fight. Mr. Chapman reluctantly asked Steve to leave, which he did peacefully after a last confrontation with Chuck.

Mr. Chapman was later seen as the coach of the relay team. Once it came out that members of the team were using steroids, Chapman showed disgust at their behavior, but said that testing was not a practical option. He stated that until the problem was finished, he would be forfeiting the season if they had to, but everyone finally came forward after a big fight between the team members.

A season later, Chapman returned as West Beverly Hills High School had a big upcoming football season with a gang-infested school called Shaw High School. Gang violence claimed two lives at their latest game and everyone was antsy about attending their field.

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