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Dylan, I love you. I've never stopped loving you. And, I know now, I never will

Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington: Part 2 is the 32nd episode of Season 4 of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Andrea and Jesse have some tense moments with their newborn; Brenda is offered a chance to study abroad; Dylan's ill-advised business decision angers Jim; David impresses singer Babyface and others with his keyboard play; Brandon needs - and gets - rescuing in the Capital.


Brenda introduces Erica to a young guy she finds attractive and they go off to dance. This gives Dylan and Brenda a chance to take a ride on the ferris wheel and discuss old times. She tells him about her plans to spend the summer in London. Finding Steve the target at the KEG booth, John Sears humiliates him in front of Celeste by dumping him in the water several times. At separate times during the evening, both Clare and Lucinda have whispered to Brandon that they will be up to his room later. Brandon, in order to avoid a possibly embarrassing situation, asks the hotel desk to move him to a different room. Brandon wakes up from a dream about having both Lucinda and Clare sharing his affections. He answers the door to find to his great surprise, Kelly standing there along with a room service waiter. Kelly invites herself in along with the breakfast she's ordered for them. In the lobby, Lucinda and Clare are baffled by Brandon's avoidance strategy. Kevin and Suzanne are back from their brief honeymoon up the coast and are greeted excitedly by Erica with the story about her new boyfriend, Jeremy. Dylan tells Kevin he has decided, like he suggested, to do all of the financial backing. Dylan says he'll provide funding for the whole project.

Ariel tells David he'll have to sit in with Babyface's band because their keyboard player can't make it. Steve is stunned to see David playing with the band. Ariel is delighted for David and gives him a big hug with Donna looking on and not entirely pleased. Brandon and Kelly go on a sight-seeing trip of the landmarks of Washington and talk about their feelings for each other. Andrea is beginning to worry that Jesse is not studying like he should and is spending too much time at the hospital. They go to the nursery to see Hannah. just as they are arriving, a "code blue alert" is sounded and a team of neonatal specialists rush in. They both are relieved it is not their baby who requires emergency treatment. As Brenda and Cindy are beginning to pack her clothes for the London trip, Dylan drops by to tell Jim Walsh that he has decided to finance the whole business scheme with Kevin. Jim's reaction is at first anger, then deep concern that Dylan is getting in over his head. He doesn't have the business experience for such an undertaking Jim adds. Now, Dylan gets angry and says the money belongs to him and he will do what he wants with it. Steve and John Sears clash yet again in the "mud pit battle," with Steve ending up the loser. Celeste begins to feel sorry for Steve. She joins Brenda and Donna, and Brenda cautions her about John Sears' reputation. The girls decide to divert John's attention by posing sexy, so Steve can dump him in the mud pit.

Together in bed, Brandon and Kelly are drawn more and more close emotionally. Kelly tells him she wants to be a part of his world. Brandon arranges it so she can join him at the White House to meet the President. Babyface and his group are on stage with David at the keyboard. Steve and Celeste watch the performance and begin to feel old emotions stir again. The band finishes and takes bows to thunderous applause. Donna and Brenda head backstage to congratulate David but are unable to find him. While Brenda checks the dressing rooms, Donna looks in the parking lot to see if the limos are still there. Donna finds David and Ariel on the back seat of one of the limos about to have sex. David is trying to get dressed as he placates Donna with explanations. She turns and runs, tears streaming down her face. Back at the Walsh house, Brenda tries to calm Donna. Donna blames herself now for having held out on having sex with David. She says she thought their love was strong enough to keep them true to each other. Brenda reminds her that having sex together doesn't guarantee fidelity, either. They watch the television news showing Brandon shaking hands with the President in Washington. Jim and Cindy are bursting with pride as they watch. Brenda, while pleased for Brandon, feels a tinge of jealousy over her parents' reaction. At the Peach Pit, Steve, Dylan and Nat are watching the television news too. Steve spots Kelly standing in the background. Dylan is stunned that she is in Washington with Brandon.

Andrea is preparing to check out of the hospital but baby Hannah will have to remain in the pre-mature nursery for some weeks yet. Andrea and Jesse are saddened to be leaving their newborn behind, but plan to visit her every day. Dylan meets at the bank with Kevin to sign the partnership papers. Outside, as Dylan drives away, we see Kevin approach the car where Suzanne is waiting. He smiles and tells his wife the deal is all set. Now all they have to do is make a cash withdrawal and board a plane to Brazil. Dylan has made a pact with scam artists. David tries to smooth over the relationship with Donna, but she is in no mood to listen to his excuses for his betrayal. At the airport, Suzanne is trying to calm Erica about leaving so abruptly without saying goodbye to Dylan. Explanations about cheaper production costs in Brazil and promises to telephone Dylan, doh't help. Erica says she has to go to the rest room and while there, scribbles a note addressed to Dylan McKay at his home address. She sticks the note to the wall with chewing gum, but as she turns away, it falls to the floor. At Dylan's house, Brenda shows up to tell him why she's going to London for the summer. She says part of the reason for going is sibling rivalry. She wants to prove to her parents that she can accomplish things too. Brenda moves close to Dylan and tells him she never stopped loving him. Dylan pulls her into his arms for a passionate kiss.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh
Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman
Luke Perry as Dylan McKay
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Carol Potter as Cindy Walsh
James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh
Special Guest Stars
Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio
Noley Thornton as Erica McKay
Dina Meyer as Lucinda Nicholson
Mark Damon Espinoza as Jesse Vasquez
Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds
Recurring cast
Kathleen Robertson as Clare Arnold
Kerrie Keane as Suzanne Steele
David Hayward as Kevin Weaver
Jennifer Grant as Celeste Lundy
Cress Williams as D'Shawn Hardell
Nicholas Pryor as Chancelor Arnold
Paul Johansson as John Sears
Guest starring
Kari Wuhrer as Ariel Hunter
Sam Armato as Partner
Steve Brady as Bank Officer
Kenny McCabe as Chauffeur
Tom Biehn as Bill Clinton


KellyI just can't help thinking... you and I are such good friends. Why risk it?
BrandonWe'll always be friends
I like being in your world, Brandon. I wanna stay in it


  • Brenda and Dylan reunite
  • Donna catches David cheating on her and breaks up with him
  • Suzanne spent the last 8 months setting up their scam
  • Kelly and Brandon get together for the first time


  • Jessica Klein was the one to secure in the writers' room that Brenda and Dylan got one last moment together[1]
  • This is Shannen Doherty's final episode on the series, and the last ever to feature Brenda and Dylan together on screen
    • And, thus, the last episode of the series to feature the original cast
  • The episode was filmed in March 1994[2]
  • Babyface approached the 90210 production, wanting to perform "For The Cool In You" on the show and Rosin decided it should be part of the season finale[1]


  • Mr. Smith Goes To Washington is a 1939 film directed by Frank Capra about a man who fills a vacancy in the U.S. Senate.


  • When Brenda, Celeste, and Donna decide to flash John Sears at the mud pitt, there is a crowd of people around them. However, when they show the shot from behind, there are no people at all. Then they show the front shot again and the crowd is back



old time rock & roll (cover) | GREEN TANGERINE
erica dances with a boy
for the cool in you | BABYFACE
david performs with babyface; donna gets upset about ariel
when can i see you? | BABYFACE
steve and celeste rekindle





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