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Season 1[]

episode song artist info
Class of Beverly Hills i want your love TRANSVISION VAMP brandon's alarm clock
all i want is everything JELLYFISH morning at West Beverly
attacked by monsters MEAT PUPPETS Brandon walks up the driveway to Marianne's party
paradise MEAT PUPPETS Steve hits on Kelly
boulevard JACKSON BROWNE David Silver drives Steve's Corvette
the motion of love GENE LOVES JEZEBEL Brenda gets into the club by herself and meets Jason
? ? brenda in jason's apartment
clear to you THE INNOCENCE MISSION Brandon and Marianne's date on her bike
wild in the streets GARLAND JEFFREYS school dj plays this and announces brandon + marianne hooked up
The Green Room surf city JAN & DEAN Brandon dreams of being at the beach
word to the mutha! BELL BIV DEVOE TGIF song on the West Beverly radio
monday, monday THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS The West Beverly DJ dedicates a song to Brandon and Brenda for saving Sarah's life
Every Dream Has Its Price (Tag) ? ? at school brenda watches kelly and tiffany and asks another girl about them
town without pity GENE PITNEY Brandon goes to several job interviews (montage)
dirty cash (money talks) THE ADVENTURES OF STEVIE V Brenda goes shopping with Tiffany and Kelly
mt (the 77s cover) ZOPPI Brenda visits Tiffany's house, where she hangs out by the pool
let the good times roll LOUIS JORDAN & HIS TYMPANY FIVE Dylan brings Brandon to his favourite place — the Peach Pit
The First Time ? ? Brandon goes to school the morning after talking to Sheryl
dreamlike state ERASURE Brandon and Sheryl toss and turn until she comes into his room
in the mood GLENN MILLER & HIS ORCHESTRA Brandon puts this on the morning after sleeping with Sheryl
i wanna be rich CALLOWAY Brandon drives Sheryl around rich Beverly Hills neighbourhoods (montage)
hippychick SO:HO Brandon gets to the club and sees Sheryl slow-dancing with Dylan
One On One ooops up SNAP! Brandon and Jim play hoops in the driveway
the way you do the things you do THE TEMPTATIONS Brandon runs into James at the Peach Pit
turn it on salvador TOY MATINEE Brenda and Kelly study Spanish in Brenda's room after dinner
just the way it is, baby THE REMBRANDTS Kelly calls Brenda to come pick her up from a bad date
Higher Education policy of truth DEPECHE MODE The twins talk to their friends, respectively
bedspring kiss JELLYFISH brenda goes for a jog annoyed with her hair and dylan rolls up on his bike and they flirt
Perfect Mom star ERASURE The catwalk music during the fashion show
The 17-Year Itch love generation SO:HO DJ Mike MC is a senior and announces auditions are open for his replacement
being cool DJAVAN Glen and Cindy drive around in his convertible while he shows her his favourite places in L.A.
heart shaped world CHRIS ISAAK Cindy in emotional confusion standing on the balcony; Brenda talks to Kelly in the kitchen
The Gentle Art of Listening get up (before the night is over) TECHNOTRONIC Brandon watches the cheerleaders perform in the quad
chocolate THE TIME Brandon, Steve and Dylan talk about girls in the quad
since i met you baby IVORY JOE HUNTER Nina gives Nat a back rub in the backroom and Brandon comes in
devil or angel THE CLOVERS Brandon talks to Nina while working at the Peach Pit
Isn't It Romantic? lily was here CANDY DULFER Brenda, Brandon and Dylan hang at Dylan's house listening to music
doin' the do BETTY BOO kelly and donna help brenda pick out an outfit for her date with dylan
she's like the wind
(feat. wendy fraser)
PATRICK SWAYZE Brenda sits in the living room and listens to this as Dylan rings the bell
B.Y.O.B. so hard PET SHOP BOYS At West Beverly/later at Donna's party
goddess SO:HO Brenda and Brandon's party
don't you love me 49ERS Kelly gets annoyed with Steve and asks David to dance/David dedicates the song to Kelly at school
One Man And A Baby baby love THE SUPREMES Brandon brings Melissa and Joey to the Peach Pit
joey CONCRETE BLONDE Brandon brings Melissa an apology gift and they go for a drive
wicked game CHRIS ISAAK Brenda and Kelly skydive!
Slumber Party streets in paradise VIXEN Steve and Brandon drive with Trina and Shelly
mony, mony TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS The girls dance in the Walsh living room and Cindy joins in
East Side Story let's go deeper MC HAMMER David tries to call MC Hammer over the school radio
i like you CULTURE BEAT Karla takes Brandon dancing at the community rec center
deep down DEBBIE GIBSON David thinks he's calling MC Hammer and actually reaches Ms. Gibson
A Fling In Palm Springs apples, peaches, pumpkin pie JAY & THE TECHNIQUES Brandon meets a kid named Curtis at work
la bamba RITCHIE VALENS The group arrive in Palm Springs
tequila THE CHAMPS David's grandparents make an entrance
Fame Is Where You Find It sally go 'round the roses THE JAYNETTS Brenda works at the Peach Pit
finger poppin' time HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS Enter Laverne
it's my party LESLEY GORE "Laverne" lip-syncs with Kelly and Donna at the Peach Pit
Stand (Up) and Deliver merry go round THE REPLACEMENTS Brenda goes to the café and talks to Skye about high school
hippychick SO:HO Brenda's first night alone house-sitting in Skye's apartment
It's Only A Test just the way it is, baby THE REMBRANDTS Andrea and Steve study in his room and he kisses her
April Is The Cruelest Month would i lie to you? EURYTHMICS Roger Azarian practicing
doin' the do BETTY BOO Brenda runs into Donna at the mall
Spring Training no songs featured
Spring Dance the best i can't THE RAVE-UPS Steve and Brandon in the morning at West Beverly
you can't hurry love THE SUPREMES Kelly comes by the Peach Pit and asks Brandon to be her date
tinker tommy THE RAVE-UPS The boys rent tuxedos and talk about dates
she says (come around) THE RAVE-UPS The group arrives at the Spring Fling where Brenda and Dylan hit the dance floor
smile THE RAVE-UPS Brenda and Dylan talk about their plans, while Kelly convinces Brandon to dance/Brenda and Dylan dance, Brandon asks Andrea to dance and Steve and Kelly make up
if it was (a matter of mind) THE RAVE-UPS Steve reveals to Brandon that he's upset because it's his birthday and he found out he's adopted
Home Again deep down DEBBIE GIBSON Everyone does goodbye testimonials to the camera
celebrate me home KENNY LOGGINS Jim decides they're staying, everybody dances

Season 2[]

episode song artist info
Beach Blanket Brandon rockin' robin BOBBY DAY brandon works at the pit when steve comes in
tell it like it is AARON NEVILLE brandon quits on nat without notice
losing my religion R.E.M. Brenda breaks up with Dylan
droppin' like flies SHEILA E steve plays volleyball at the beach, when kelly approaches him
wake up little susie THE EVERLY BROTHERS brandon comes in to apologise to nat
The Party Fish the goodbye look DONALD FAGEN brandon impulsively dances with sandy at work
maxine DONALD FAGEN brandon asks sandy to the grunion run
the other side of summer ELVIS COSTELLO the gang wait for the grunion at night
Summer Storm my body says yes TITIYO brandon and dylan meet at the beach club
i don't get much sleep anymore CHRIS LUKE brenda and dylan toss and turn
you are the everything R.E.M. Dylan in the cabana
Anaconda what i like about you THE ROMANTICS brenda and donna time their tans
you've got that thing BOBBY SHORT The 'fancy' poker game
Play It Again, David summertime THE TROGGS the beach club; kelly drives up with brenda and andrea
Pass, Not Pass gone ridin' CHRIS ISAAK brandon drives his new car
little bitty pretty one THURSTON HARRIS at the peach pit, brandon meets courtney and mr. suiter
sweet talkin' guy THE CHIFFONS brenda and andrea talk to mr. suiter at the peach pit
joyride ROXETTE brenda and andrea drive around with mr. suiter
hukilau CHARLES KAIPO the end-of-summer luau party
a summer song CHAD & JEREMY at the end of the episode
Camping Trip no songs featured
Wildfire addicted to love ROBERT PALMER Everyone's getting ready for junior year (montage)
teenage mutant kung fu chickens RAY STEVENS scott takes over the radio at west beverly
leader of the pack THE SHANGRI-LAS david dedicates this song to emily at west beverly
wicked game CHRIS ISAAK brandon and emily's date/later brenda and dylan get back together
Ashes To Ashes who's schoolin' who? SCHOOLLY D Robbie takes photos of people at school
? ? Ramon gives Devo love advice
concrete jungle SWAY & KING TECH Brandon drives to see Devo
Necessity Is a Mother the forecast (calls for pain) THE ROBERT CRAY BAND opening scene, dylan plays pool at a bar
mother-in-law ERNIE K. DOE at the peach pit, brenda tries to help dylan
born under a bad sign ALBERT KING dylan plays pool with falcone
Leading From The Heart romantic KARYN WHITE David asks Donna on a date
he's got it goin' on ICY BLU Kelly dances with Tal at the party
crazy SEAL Bobby is frustrated and takes it out on Kelly
Down and Out of District in Beverly Hills radio song R.E.M. steve and christine meet at the Peach Pit jukebox
build me up buttercup THE FOUNDATIONS steve + christine at the peach pit; kelly watches in horror
shiny happy people R.E.M. steve and christine in the limo
losing my religion R.E.M. steve picks this song at the peach pit and talks to andrea
over and over BOBBY DAY At the Peach Pit, the gang celebrate Andrea staying
Halloween sweet sweet baby ERASURE david and scott talk in the DJ booth/kelly and brenda talk guys at the party
romantic KARYN WHITE brenda, dylan, steve, donna and kelly arrive at the halloween party
lily was here CANDY DULFER kelly talks to a cowboy
24/7 DINO kelly and the cowboy dance; steve talks to donna
monster mash BOBBY "BORIS" PICKETT steve comforts kelly; brandon and emily show up and everyone heads to the pit
The Next Fifty Years friends in low places GARTH BROOKS David gives Scott a free choice birthday song at the West Beverly radio
? ? David tries to get Scott's ex-girlfriend to come to his birthday party
work it out MONIE LOVE David starts a dance competition at Scott's birthday party
knockin' on heaven's door BOOTLEG ROCKS! Brandon interviews David about Scott and David accidentally broadcasts his anger to the entire school
in your room THE BANGLES Brenda, Brandon and Emily in the Walsh living room
U4EA come inside THOMPSON TWINS Emily, Brandon, Brenda and the others arrive at the underground club
dominion SISTERS OF MERCY Emily tells Brandon about euphoria
the beginning SEAL Brenda and Dylan dance; Brandon tells Emily he doesn't do substances, but Emily slips euphoria into Brandon's drink
go! (club remix) TONES ON TAIL Brenda and Kelly are surprised at Brandon dancing; Emily tells him she gave him drugs
don't fight it, feel it (scat mix) PRIMAL SCREAM The gang leaving club.
My Desperate Valentine baby i'm yours BARBARA LEWIS Brandon meets up with Steve at the Peach Pit
Chuckie's Back donna RITCHIE VALENS At school, David plays this and Donna's embarassed
jingle bell rock BOBBY HELMS donna and david arrive at the dance/brenda and dylan dance, andrea arrives
hey donna RYTHM SYNDICATE david and donna dance
i adore mi amor COLOR ME BADD steve and kelly dance
2000 miles PRETENDERS steve says goodbye to everyone
A Walsh Family Christmas white christmas BING CROSBY Steve arrives in New Mexico
christmas is the time to say
"i love you"
BILLY SQUIER Brandon works at the Peach Pit as Santa walks in
blue christmas ELVIS PRESLEY andrea drops by the peach pit and is not feeling the holidays
Fire and Ice (i've had) the time of my life BILL MEDLEY & JENNIFER WARNES brandon and tricia skate
judy in disguise (with glasses) JOHN FRED & HIS PLAYBOY BAND david gives donna her present
A Competitive Edge games people play JOE SOUTH steve talks to kelly at the peach pit
dancing in the street ? brenda catches the scammer dancing
backfield in motion MEL & TIM brenda asks brandon for the keys at the pit
Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout It i want you JODY WATLEY andrea, brandon and john talk in the hall/later when donna and david hang out
the birds and the bees JEWEL AKENS andrea's celebrated at the peach pit
And Baby Makes Five all 4 love COLOR ME BADD Donna accidentally tells David about the baby in the DJ booth
do you believe in magic? THE LOVIN' SPOONFUL Andrea picks her 2nd winner and Steve suggests they go to the track
Cardio Funk we want the funk GERARDO Brenda and Kelly in aerobics class
The Pit and the Pendulum don't get around much anymore NAT KING COLE nat looks at his wall of fame
blue suede shoes CARL PERKINS The gang arrive at the "blue" party
lady blue LEON RUSSELL steve and kelly dance
the sun ain't gonna shine anymore THE WALKER BROTHERS nat tells brandon about the pit closing
Meeting Mr. Pony mountain of love JOHNNY RIVERS everyone studying at the peach pit
let the good times roll SHIRLEY & LEE brenda returns to the peach pit
Things To Do On A Rainy Day i adore mi amor COLOR ME BADD music video at the peach pit/later the band performs a capella at the peach pit
all 4 love COLOR ME BADD The girls try to win tickets in a radio contest
i wanna sex you up COLOR ME BADD brandi starts stripping, but brandon turns off the music
Standoff i love to love you JOHNNY "GUITAR" WATSON at the pit, brenda and dylan talk to brandon
runaway DEL SHANNON brenda and dylan talk about brenda's parents
Wedding Bell Blues wedding bell blues THE 5TH DIMENSION Brandon works at the Peach Pit when Dylan comes in
bye bye love THE EVERLY BROTHERS kelly, donna and david come into the Peach Pit and tell Brandon about the wedding woes

Season 3[]

episode song artist info
Misery Loves Company summertime blues EDDIE COCHRAN after his nightmare, steve visits brandon at the peach pit
working in the coalmine LEE DORSEY steve works at the peach pit
98.6 KEITH group at peach pit, brandon meets jay
The Twins, The Trustee And The Very Big Trip no songs featured
Too Little, Too Late/Paris 75001 ? ? Brenda and Donna attend a party in Paris
Sex, Lies and Volleyball/Photo Fini hot little summer girl ENUFF Z'NUFF steve impresses brooke with his volleyball game
color me you COLORHAUS donna's photo shoot
in the summertime MUNGO JERRY awkward three-wheel date at the peach pit w/brooke
? ? donna's modelling party
gimme little sign BRENTON WOOD david tells nikki the truth at the peach pit
Shooting Star/American in Paris forbidden places MEAT PUPPETS kelly and dylan go on a water scooter
damn i wish i was your lover SOPHIE B. HAWKINS kelly and dylan flirt in her cabana/later they're together at the beach at night
funny how time slips away WILLIE NELSON the farewell party in Paris
Castles In The Sand dancin' CHRIS ISAAK welcome home party at casa walsh
A Song of Myself live and learn JOE PUBLIC nikki visits david in the booth
wishing on a star THE COVER GIRLS kelly and david in her room
your love CHIC nikki talks to david about telling donna
pushin' too hard THE SEEDS steve and david talk at the peach pit
? ? bbq at dylan's house
The Back Story why do fools fall in love? FRANKIE LYMON & THE TEENAGERS steve meets with bj at the peach pit
so very hard to go TOWER OF POWER bj gives steve the legacy key
baby-baby-baby TLC brenda argues with kelly, then dylan about smoking
like to get to know you SPANKY & OUR GANG brandon and nikki talk in the back room
Highwire venus FRANKIE AVALON dylan, brandon and kelly talk at the peach pit
oogum boogum song BRENTON WOOD steve meets bj harrison at the peach pit
Home and Away the message SOFIA SHINAS donna and david fight over sue in the dj booth
let me be your baby GEOFFREY WILLIAMS everyone slow dances at the party; brandon and jordan talk
A Presumption of Innocence you really got me THE KINKS dylan's birthday party at the peach pit
why CATHY DENNIS nikki dances with various guys at the club
dance RUFFNECK FEATURING YAVAHN nikki dances with steve
saving forever for you SHANICE brandon and nikki make out in his room
on the other hand RANDY TRAVIS donna tries to help sue
mercy mercy me MARVIN GAYE brenda, andrea, donna and david at the peach pit
Destiny Rides Again i wanna love you JADE music video playing at the video store
time to be lovers MICHAEL MCDONALD & CHAKA KHAN david and donna make out
needles and pins THE SEARCHERS rick brings brenda to the peach pit
Rebel With A Cause the shoop shoop song (it's in his kiss) BETTY EVERETT brenda and rick's date at the peach pit
you were on my mind WE FIVE andrea and steve talk at the peach pit
Wild Horses the right kind of love JEREMY JORDAN brandon, nikki, steve, kelly and donna try to cheer david up after his set
different eyes TREASON 'diesel' stone's band waste management plays
i just wanna be your friend PUCK AND NATTY david plays the song at school
The Kindness of Strangers no songs featured
It's A Totally Happening Life time to be lovers MICHAEL MCDONALD & CHAKA KHAN Brandon and Nikki make out in his room
jingle bell rock BOBBY HELMS Dylan, Brenda and Kelly at the Peach Pit
little st. nick BEACH BOYS at the peach pit, andrea and brandon make plans to hang out
The Game Is Chicken bend time back around PAULA ABDUL andrea and brandon talk at school
got 2 have u COLOR ME BADD donna changes the song in the booth
all the way to heaven JODY WATLEY donna's first solo radio show
let me be your baby GEOFFREY WILLIAMS david puts this song on after donna's 'rant'
crystal blue persuasion TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS the girls talk at the peach pit
she's not there THE ZOMBIES andrea buys the song on the jukebox and overhears the guys talking drag racing
walk on the wild side LOU REED Donna puts the song on
stand by me BEN E. KING dylan sees the photos at his locker and walks over to brenda and kelly
Midlife... Now What? rhythm is a dancer SNAP! the girls work out and andrea tries to relax
did you ever had to make up your mind? THE LOVIN' SPOONFUL dylan keeps playing this on the jukebox at the peach pit, trying to decide between brenda and kelly
Back In The High Life Again come go with me THE DEL-VIKINGS steve has lakers tickets
the right kind of love JEREMY JORDAN kelly and dylan talk, then brenda and kelly talk
all the way to heaven JODY WATLEY donna puts on the song in the booth, dylan talks to brandon about missing the party
too many ways to fall ARC ANGELS brenda and dylan talk in the hallway
Parental Guidance Recommended losing my religion R.E.M. 1/brenda looks at photos and has a daydream • 2/brenda in her room, brandon comes in • 3/brenda has another daydream, takes the CD out and puts it in the dylan box
kansas city WILBERT HARRISON peach pit: steve, donna, david; andrea + brandon; brandon, kelly, donna talk
action speaks louder than words TARA KEMP steve and david talk in the hall; kelly, donna and david in the booth
so you want to be a rock 'n' roll star THE BYRDS david tells steve he's fired
out of control SKEW SISKIN brandon tests new car speakers
Dead End all the way to heaven JODY WATLEY brandon and steve talk at school, david tries to talk to steve
overjoyed NONA GAYE brenda asks donna to join her in self-defence class
living in the U.S.A. STEVE MILLER BAND brandon and steve talk about brandon's feelings for andrea
tutti frutti LITTLE RICHARD peach pit: duke asks brandon for the money he owes
The Child Is Father To The Man can't cry hard enough WILLIAMS BROTHERS dylan comforts his younger self
Duke's Bad Boy jimmy olsen's blues SPIN DOCTORS Donna does the morning radio
midnight rider THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Duke comes into the Peach Pit
shake me, wake me (when it's over) FOUR TOPS brandon wins, steve cautions
Perfectly Perfect ? ? kelly works out
hold on i'm comin' SAM & DAVE the surprise party at the peach pit
land of 1000 dances WILSON PICKETT kelly arrives at the party
let me be your baby GEOFFREY WILLIAMS tony puts the song on and asks brenda to dance
Senior Poll never aim to please BASH & POP brenda and brandon talk about the senior polls
man on the moon R.E.M. brandon discovers brenda's considering minnesota
humpin' around BOBBY BROWN laker girls at half-time
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window take five DAVE BRUBECK ginger meets nat, brandon and steve
dream baby
(how long must i dream)
ROY ORBISON brandon, steve and dylan at the pit
dirty water THE STANDELLS everyone meets up at the peach pit
A Night To Remember time to be lovers MICHAEL MCDONALD & CHAKA KHAN David tells Donna he's gonna book a room for prom night
start choppin' DINOSAUR JR. Kelly and Dylan talk about San Francisco
spill the wine ERIC BURDON & WAR Brandon asks Andrea to prom but she's going with Jordan
action speaks louder than words TARA KEMP In the limo on the way to prom
why CATHY DENNIS & D-MOB Prom starts
moments of love CATHY DENNIS steve and kelly dance; brenda and dylan slow-dance
touch me (all night long) CATHY DENNIS brenda rejects tony; brandon and andrea dance
Something In The Air tip of my tongue DIESEL donna and david in the DJ booth
be-bop-a-lula GENE VINCENT pre-demo meet at the pit
saturday in the park CHICAGO the gang celebrate at the pit
Commencement: Part 1 school's out ALICE COOPER david think's he flunked; steve talks to mrs. teasley
louie louie THE KINGSMEN the gang (minus andrea) celebrate at the pit and nat gives out senior wills
Commencement: Part 2 blood is thicker than water THE TRIPLETS the gang watch their reworking of the hollywoodland sign

Season 4[]

episode song artist info
So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye summertime blues EDDIE COCHRAN steve comes into the peach pit
summer means fun BRUCE & TERRY the boys drive to malibu
living in a fantasy RAINBOW RASTAMAN brenda's party starts
tip of my tongue DIESEL tony hits on brenda; kelly comes home
surfer girl THE BEACH BOYS at the peach pit, kelly, donna and david talk housing
The Girl From New York City black cow STEELY DAN the guys, jill and celeste hang in the kitchen
r u sexin' me WEST END GIRLS everyone comes to see the new beach apartment
The Little Fish feel like a number BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BAND Freshman registration
this i swear THE SKYLINERS brenda and dylan at the peach pit
earth angel THE PENGUINS brenda and dylan leave for adventure
sea cruise FRANKIE FORD andrea reviews the peach pit
Greek To Me personality LLOYD PRICE The girls meet at the Peach Pit
disco inferno THE TRAMMPS steve, andrea and kelly at the party
get down tonight KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND the others dance as brenda's bored in the corner
boogie oogie oogie A TASTE OF HONEY brandon and the KEG president play pool
Radio Daze sleeping satellite TASMIN ARCHER donna tells david she's quitting radio, john sears gives kelly flowers
pressure SUNSCREEM the pool party starts; brandon's at the grill
sock it 2 ya! DINO freshman dance contest: brenda and david dance
show me ULTRA NATÉ celeste leaves the party; brenda and david win the dance contest
Strangers In The Night crossfire STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN & DOUBLE TROUBLE dylan's porsche stalls
man on the moon R.E.M. the guys play ping-pong
sock it 2 ya! DINO brenda and stuart at the club
something in the way she moves JAMES TAYLOR david plays this on his radio shift
Moving Targets you can't hurry love THE SUPREMES the girls have a peach pit sorority meeting
unv thang UNV brandon and dylan go to a car lot
Twenty Years Ago Today what the world needs now is love JACKIE DESHANNON intro w/photos of cindy and jim
Otherwise Engaged the power of love HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS brandon runs across campus to the gym
how sweet it is
(to be loved by you)
MARVIN GAYE brenda and the girls have sorority breakfast at the peach pit
freedom dance (get free!) VANESSA WILLIAMS laura does interpretive dancing at a studio
And Did It... My Way you keep me hangin' on SUPREMES john sears and dylan face off at the peach pit
it's not unusual TOM JONES welcome to vegas
let's get it on MARVIN GAYE the boys being gross at a strip club
Take Back The Night heard it through the grapevine MARVIN GAYE steve meets up with laura at the peach pit
only you THE PLATTERS steve tells celeste he cheated on her and she breaks up with him
Radar Love radar love GOLDEN EARRING brandon on the highway
? ? kelly asks dylan to thanksgiving; andrea and dan play chess
Emily let's hang on FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS peach pit sorority meet
san francisco days CHRIS ISAAK brandon+emily hangout montage
Windstruck hey jealousy GIN BLOSSOMS donna has a nightmare about being a virgin
i fought the law THE BOBBY FULLER FOUR brandon runs into steve at the peach pit
midnight train to georgia GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS brandon and steve at peach pit
for the cool in you BABYFACE david and donna get ready to have fun
Somewhere In The World It's Christmas this christmas GLORIA ESTEFAN donna and kelly trim the tree in their apartment
the christmas song AARON NEVILLE donna tries to get a mistletoe kiss from david
silver bells JOHNNY MATHIS mel's christmas party
jingle bell rock FRANKIE FORD the gang serve food at the peach pit
Crunch Time pressure drop IZZY STRADLIN
after the theme
can we talk TEVIN CAMPBELL donna listen's to david's show
living in a fantasy RAINBOW RASTAMAN kelly and donna talk about david
Thicker Than Water fine, fine, very fine love PAM TILLIS brenda and donna talk at the lodge
Heartbreaker then came you THE SPINNERS the walshes and friends celebrate brandon at the pit
this old heart of mine THE ISLEY BROTHERS dylan brings suzanne to the pit
everything louder than everything else MEAT LOAF david talks to jackson at KXCU
let's hang on FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS brenda brings the gang to help out brandon at the pit
The Labors of Love get off this CRACKER howard fires david from KXCU
expressway to your heart THE SOUL SURVIVORS at the pit, steve, kelly and donna toast dylan
what a wonderful world LOUIS ARMSTRONG andrea tells the gang her news at the pit
Scared Very Straight hit by love CECE PENISTON KEG valentine's day party
for the cool in you BABYFACE jack and david are thrown out of the party for bringing drugs
can we talk TEVIN CAMPBELL slow dance at andrea's wedding reception
Addicted To Love ? ? andrea and steve talk about him staying in her dorm room
me and mrs. jones BILLY PAUL at the peach pit, kelly introduces lucinda and dylan
into your arms THE LEMONHEADS brenda and stuart driving
Change Partners all the way HOODOO GURUS artie puts on the song in steve's dorm room
get closer SEALS & CROFTS andrea and steve at the peach pit
A Pig Is A Boy Is A Dog trans-island skyway DONALD FAGEN dylan and kelly at the condor's nest
if you really love me STEVIE WONDER brandon and kelly talk at the peach pit
Cuffs and Links spirit in the sky NORMAN GREENBAUM brenda tells off everyone at the peach pit
The Time Has Come Today woodstock JONI MITCHELL footage reels from woodstock, then playing at the peach pit
monday, monday THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS brenda, dylan, donna and kelly at the peach pit
these boots are made for walkin' NANCY SINATRA playing at the '70s peach pit as salvatorio gripes about youths
for what it's worth BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD sal throws "the hippies" out/later brenda goes to the library
reach out of the darkness FRIEND & LOVER bobby kennedy footage
get together THE YOUNGBLOODS the be-in
time has come today THE CHAMBERS BROTHERS wendy brings a sick michelle to will
wear your love like heaven DONOVAN wendy meets up with michelle and maryanne at the peach pit
the times they are a-changin' [cover] RICHIE HAVENS brenda goes to meet wendy
Blind Spot ain't that peculiar MARVIN GAYE steve is homophobic in a coffee house
shoo-be-doo-be-doo-da-day STEVIE WONDER peach pit: andrea, kelly and donna talk; brandon and steve come in
can't fight this feeling REO SPEEDWAGON david and holly at the peach pit
Divas on broadway GEORGE BENSON brenda researches roy randolph
family affair SLY & THE FAMILY STONE brenda arrives at the pit sorority - erica's inducted
sweet funky thing ETERNAL clare dances for brandon
Acting Out she'd rather be with me THE TURTLES brandon and steve run into clare at the peach pit
gimme little sign BRENTON WOOD andrea and donna at the peach pit
the sign ACE OF BASE clare and brandon talk at the party
Truth and Consequences free ride THE EDGAR WINTER GROUP peach pit; brenda tells dylan and brandon that she got the part
lightning strikes LOU CHRISTIE dylan has dinner with his family at the peach pit
Vital Signs i'll always love you BABYFACE david puts this song on for donna
cantaloop (flip fantasia) US3 david meets ariel
money (that’s what i want) [cover] THE KINGSMEN brenda and steve are still at odds
Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington: Part 1 no songs featured
Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington: Part 2 for the cool in you BABYFACE david performs with babyface; donna gets upset about ariel
when can i see you? BABYFACE steve and celeste rekindle

Season 5[]

episode song artist info
What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories night in my veins THE PRETENDERS kelly and donna at the salon
regular thing OVIS the gang goes to the club
back & forth AALIYAH donna sees david at the club
Under The Influence donna RITCHIE VALENS donna and travis run into david at the peach pit
make it right LISA STANSFIELD dylan goes to doheny's
A Clean Slate function at the junction SHORTY LONG brandon and josh at the peach pit
baby what you want me to do JIMMY REED val meets dylan at a pool bar
low rider WAR val rejects dylan... temporarily
sleep walk SANTO & JOHNNY val and dylan flirt
i just want to celebrate RARE EARTH election party at the peach pit
Life After Death all i wanna do SHERYL CROW clare and donna paint the apartment
anything CULTURE BEAT KEG rager
? ? donna and griffin at the party
Rave On pretend we're dead L7 Clare, Donna and David watch their footage
all I have to do is dream THE EVERLY BROTHERS Val, Dylan and Steve at the Peach Pit
what can you do for me UTAH SAINTS val and clare arrive at the ppad
hold on [acoustic] JAMIE WALTERS donna finds ray playing the guitar
give it up THE GOOD MEN ray arrives at the ppad
make it right LISA STANSFIELD andrea sees jesse flirting
Homecoming willie and the hand jive JOHNNY OTIS steve, kelly, donna and griffin talk strategy at peach pit
touch my light BIG MOUNTAIN kelly and donna bake and talk
drive me [acoustic] JAMIE WALTERS ray and donna drive
Who's Zoomin' Who? movin' on up M PEOPLE steve holds the first 'after dark' party at the pit
the beat goes on [cover] SONNY & CHER steve, val, clare and david discuss the ppad with nat
hold on [acoustic] JAMIE WALTERS ray drives to see donna
rainy night in georgia BROOK BENTON dylan and nat at the peach pit
Things That Go Bang In The Night dead man's party OINGO BOINGO KEGers prepare for the halloween party
dream baby
(how long must i dream)
ROY ORBISON nat fights with dylan about the after dark
papa was a rolling stone THE TEMPTATIONS dylan shoots pool
twilight zone GOLDEN EARRING the halloween party
Intervention every day of the week JADE clare and david talk at the beach house
walk like a man THE FOUR SEASONS brandon, andrea, steve, kelly and jesse at the peach pit
it keeps you running THE DOOBIE BROTHERS dylan meets his dealer
The Dreams of Dylan McKay doctor my eyes JACKSON BROWNE steve and nat talk ppad
spirits in the material world THE POLICE dylan dreams of a pool bar and making out with clare
Hate Is Just A Four-Letter Word saturday OMAR kelly talks to clare and donna
Rock Of Ages you got me rocking THE ROLLING STONES jim puts the song on
money (that's what i want) BARRETT STRONG steve and nat talk
green onions BOOKER T. & THE M.Gs brandon and kelly talk about the concert
it's only rock 'n' roll (but i like it) THE ROLLING STONES jim and cindy dance and kiss
Up In Flames are you ready? PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC steve and griffin hang flyers
i'm gonna get you BIZARRE INC steve and griffin's rave
incense and peppermint STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK brandon and emily at the peach pit
what your love means to me HI-FIVE muntz asks a girl to dance
every day of the week JADE kelly and alison go to the bathroom
Injustice For All you gotta be DES'REE andrea's hanukkah party
people got to be free THE RASCALS steve meets with eduardo
Christmas Comes This Time Each Year please come home for christmas BON JOVI steve, clare and david are helping nat at the peach pit
the christmas song TONI BRAXTON decorating at the beach apartment
rockin' around the christmas tree BRENDA LEE steve and andrea at the peach pit
Sentenced To Life there goes my baby THE DRIFTERS steve brings saul to the pit
don't get around much anymore THE BELMONTS dylan and jesse at the peach pit
Sweating It Out runaway DEL SHANNON steve complains to muntz about ppad
turn the beat around GLORIA ESTEFAN ppad opening
i know the game JAMIE WALTERS ray performs at the ppad
Hazardous To Your Health sherry FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS andrea, brandon and steve at the peach pit
i know the game JAMIE WALTERS donna and ray watch a video of his ppad set
Little Monsters why JAMIE WALTERS donna watches ray perform at the after dark
i know the game JAMIE WALTERS ray's 2nd set at the after dark
my guy MARY WELLS clare and donna talk at the pit
one THREE DOG NIGHT ariel meets ray and donna at the peach pit
You Gotta Have Heart hold on (acoustic) JAMIE WALTERS ray performs at the telethon
every day of the week JADE jade performs
Stormy Weather hold on WILSON PHILLIPS kelly, clare and donna at the peach pit
house of love AMY GRANT ray apologises to donna at the pit
Alone At The Top my little red book LOVE clare and david at the dorms
why (live) JAMIE WALTERS ray performs at the after dark
in a broken dream (feat. rod stewart) PYTHON LEE JACKSON dylan picks this song at the peach pit
hold on JAMIE WALTERS ray performs at the after dark
Love Hurts s.o.s. CATHY DENNIS peach pit after dark
she don't use jelly THE FLAMING LIPS ppad performance
one night in heaven M PEOPLE brandon meets clare and steve at ppad
Unreal World eight miles high THE BYRDS dylan and charley at the peach pit
? ? ppad
dreams THE CRANBERRIES clare kisses steve to get back at david
Double Jeopardy tracks of my tears SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES dylan and jesse talk at the peach pit
A Song For My Mother fever PEGGY LEE donna and david ask questions at a bar
why JAMIE WALTERS ray performs at a bar
comfort of strangers JAMIE WALTERS donna and david talk during the performance
Squash It it's your thing ISLEY BROTHERS steve, willie and david at the peach pit
here and now LETTERS TO CLEO KEG
dirty water THE STANDELLS bloody roo creep hits on clare
1-2-trez SLIMKID3 & BRIAN GREEN performance at ppad
Girls On The Side six days on the road DAVE DUDLEY ray driving
in the midnight hour WILSON PICKETT dylan and charley at the peach pit
one night in heaven M PEOPLE ppad
The Real McCoy i know DIONNE FARRIS val makes a picnic/later at brandon's party at ppad
green onions BOOKER T. & THE M.G.'S brandon talks to nat; val talks to charley at the peach pit
Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills i'll stand by you THE PRETENDERS donna and ray fight
remember (christmas) HARRY NILSSON andrea leaves
P.S. I Love You: Part 1 leaving on a jet plane PETER, PAUL & MARY At the Pit Jim and Nat say goodbye
fish taco DICK DALE pool volley
feel so high DES'REE kelly and alison have dinner
P.S. I Love You: Part 2 no songs featured

Season 6[]

episode song artist info
Home Is Where The Tart Is in the summertime [cover] SHAGGY FEAT. RAYVON Brandon, Steve and David drive and talk about girls
juke joint jezebel KMFDM steve spray paints people
Buffalo Gals you make me smile DAVE KOZ kelly's birthday party
Must Be A Guy Thing sexy thoughts PAULA ABDUL at the after dark
why JAMIE WALTERS after dark performance
suspicion TERRY STAFFORD everyone at the pit
Everything's Coming Up Roses devil with the blue dress on/good golly miss molly MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS girls at the peach pit
hold on [acoustic) JAMIE WALTERS ray performs at a kid's birthday
in the mood ? kelly and david swing dance
moonlight serenade ? donna and ray dance in the garden
Lover's Leap how can i be sure THE YOUNG RASCALS clare, steve, kelly and donna at the pit
the lion sleeps tonight ROBERT JOHN steve asks clare to be his date
Speechless no songs featured
Violated b-a-b-y CARLA THOMAS steve and brandon at the pit
Halloween VI love potion no. 9 THE SEARCHERS Val and David witness Madam Raven
ultra twist THE CRAMPS
strange love [cover] THE CRAMPS
i'm a believer THE MONKEES  morning after at the pit
Earthquake Weather shakin' all over THE WHO the gang help out at the peach pit
One Wedding And A Funeral nobody knows me LYLE LOVETT dylan finds Trouble
Offensive Interference jenny take a ride MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS at the peach pit everyone celebrates the football team
Breast Side Up someone to love JON B. FEATURING BABYFACE val and david in his dorm room
Courting apples, peaches, pumpkin pie JAY & THE TECHNIQUES the gang eat dinner at the pit
Fortunate Son devil with the blue dress on/good golly miss molly MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS nat worries due to brandon's history with gambling
tears on my pillow LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS steve helps tammy accept her firing
Angels We Have Heard On High rockin' around the christmas tree BRENDA LEE brandon is comforted about his parents by val + david
Turn Back The Clock
bad bad bad THE SUPERSUCKERS casa walsh TP'd
forgiven not forgotten THE CORRS after dark new year's party
everybody UNIVERSAL MUSIC PRODUCTION steve gets kelly's help to wrangle his rapscallion younger brothers
auld lang syne [a capella] THE CORRS midnight on new year's eve
runaway THE CORRS jonathan says goodnight and kisses susan
Fade In, Fade Out you really got me THE KINKS steve and clare talk to nat
knock on wood EDDIE FLOYD steve and nat talk about nat's past
Snowbound what you won't do for love BOBBY CALDWELL donna talks to her dad at the peach pit
Nancy’s Choice don't say nothin' bad (about my baby) THE COOKIES donna tells kelly off
tears on my pillow LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS david talks to kelly at the peach pit
Bleeding Hearts
All This and Mary Too what now my love [cover] SONNY & CHER
Leap of Faith i fought the law THE BOBBY FULLER FOUR
a lover's concerto THE TOYS
Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out time of the season THE ZOMBIES
at last ETTA JAMES
Smashed five o'clock world THE VOGUES
Flirting With Disaster
Strike The Match strike the match POWERMAN 5000
The Big Hurt strike the match POWERMAN 5000 the video
it hurts to be in love GENE PITNEY At the Peach Pit, Steve shows Nat the gift from Prince Carl
Ticket To Ride be my lover LA BOUCHE
Ray of Hope you send me BRIAN GREEN post-intro
You Say It's Your Birthday: Part 1 jim dandy LAVERN BAKER val talks to kelly at peach pit
feels so good LINA SANTIAGO steve's birthday party on the deck
You Say It's Your Birthday: Part 2 long way down GOO GOO DOLLS