Navid – As for me, I'm done being the nice guy that finishes last. I'm a hot, young, rich --
Liam – Drunk --
Navid – superstar!
—Done with Silver[src]
Navid Shirazi is a main character on CW teen soap 90210. He is portrayed by Michael Steger.


A student of Persian descent who is West Beverly Hills High's politico. He runs the school newscast and interviews his fellow classmates. Navid is one of the wealthiest characters featured on the show. Despite being wealthy, Navid can be considered as the friendliest and most humble out of all his friends. He is best friends with Dixon Wilson and is in a long term relationship with Adrianna Tate-Duncan. The two decide to spend their lives together in the finale episode of 90210.

Series arc

Season 1

Navid is a savvy West Beverly High student who runs a school newscast. He comes from a film family, as his father is a producer of erotic works. In the first episode, he helped several members of the lacrosse team get revenge on a rival school that had vandalized West Beverly. When certain members of the team began to confess their actions to the principal, however, Navid put his nobility on display by coming forth as well. He is friends with Dixon Wilson, Ethan Ward, and others.

When a fellow student named Adrianna was recovering from a drug overdose, Navid offered his support and friendship. On the night of the West Beverly homecoming dance, he prevented her from doing additional drugs, and admitted that he'd had a romantic interest in her since middle school. He then comforted Adrianna when she became shaken, and helped her back to her treatment building. In the following days, Navid continued to express interest in Adrianna, and the two spent time together at a sleep-over hosted by Silver.

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Navid tells Adrianna that he is a virgin

During a moment of privacy, she began making out with him. She then assumed that he wanted to have sex in return for his help in financing her treatments. However, Navid was offended by this assertion, and left the room. Adrianna later caught up with Navid at school and apologized; the two then became a couple. Adrianna was introduced to Navid's large family when she spent an evening having dinner with them. Beforehand, Navid had expressed a degree of anxiety, believing that his family's tendency for affection and friendliness would prove off-putting. However, Adrianna largely enjoyed the meeting as it transpired. Following this event and others, the pair began to express the value of honesty and openness in their relationship.

Adrianna later discovered that she'd become pregnant before she and Navid had begun dating. After taking time to sort out his feelings, Navid decided that they were better off ending their romantic relationship. The two remained friends afterwards. Later, Navid and Adrianna began growing romantically close again, and shared a kiss on Valentine's Day. After interviewing possible adoptive parents, she remained hesitant to make a decision. All the while, she continued to let Navid believe that she didn't know who the father was. During a discussion at the Peach Pit, Navid suggested that the two of them raise the child together, citing the mutual love and honesty in their relationship. He then proposed to her, and after a moment of hesitation, a smitten Adrianna accepted.

Navid's parents disapproved of his decision and would not allow Adrianna to move in, though they did acknowledge the nobility of his actions. Eventually, Navid chose to leave home and live with his fiance. Afterwards, Adrianna informed him that she hadn't been completely honest, as she'd known that Ty was the child's father for some time. As Navid became highly upset, particularly upon learning that the dad was someone he knew, Adrianna expressed much regret for withholding the information. After he forgave her, the two again acknowledged their commitment.

Following further disapproval from family and friends, however, the couple began to have doubts of their own, and opted to abort the marriage while they continued dating. At the West Beverly Prom, Adrianna's water broke. After being checked into the hospital, she gave birth to a daughter. Navid and Ty forged a truce at the hospital, when Ty signed a form consenting to an adoption, and commended Navid for his commitment. Navid then comforted Adrianna after she gave the child to the adopted parents.

Season 2

In the premiere Navid is upset when he finds out.that Adrianna wants to wait to have sex. He tries to get her to sleep with him but she is sticking with her resolution to live her life as uncomplicated as possible which frustrates Navid. At school Navid in charge of The Blaze News, Adrianna gets Navid a interview with Teddy her ex-boyfriend. Navid begins interviewing Teddy for the Blaze. He starts with light questions about tennis, and then he asks why he came back to California from boarding school especially since he was kicked out for being caught with two naked girls in his room. Adriana gets mad at Navid for being harsh on Teddy, simply because they used to date. Navid points out that he's more upset because Adriana lost her virginity to Teddy. The next morning Navid apologizes to Adrianna.

Teddy invites the gang to a party in his father yacht, at the party Navid tries to be friendly with Teddy but he remains suspicious of Adriana and Teddy's relationship. In The Porn King Dixon borrows Navid cars to impress a girl. Navid calls Dixon asking about the charges he put on his account. Then Adrianna tells Navid that she might sneak out and go on an audition during school hours. She says her agent will drop her if she doesn't go. Navid tells Adrianna that she is an amazing actress. She says that girls like her are very common. Teddy sits down to hang out with them. He asks Navid for some fries and reaches over Adrianna to grab some. Adrianna becomes uncomfortable and takes off. Navid asks Adrianna if she went to the audition. She says she did and wants to keep her options open. She says he doesn't have to worry about her using drugs again. Navid says that her actions have ramifications and tells her that he was there during her rehab and pregnancy. Adrianna gets a phone call from her agent and learns that she got the part. Navid unenthusiastically congratulates her. That night Adrianna tells Navid that she turned down the part. She tells him that she loves him and that she was sorry for not listening. She says that her mom is working late and suggests that they have been waiting long enough. Adrianna takes him to bed and they finally make love.

The next day Navid walks to school with a huge smile on his face. Navid tells Dixon that he had sex with Adrianna. He asks Liam and Teddy if he seems different to them. Navid admits that he is no longer a virgin. After hearing the news Teddy invites Navid to go on a double date with him. Later, Navid and Adrianna make love. And he tells Adrianna about Teddy's invitation to a double date. Adrianna says no, but Navid says that he already accepted. Navid asks what the big deal is and Adrianna says it's fine. At the restaurant Teddy and his girlfriend Jasmine arrive at a restaurant to meet with Adrianna and Navid. After they leave the restaurant, Adrianna tells Navid that she has a headache and needs to go to bed. At the Beach Club Adrianna breaks up with Navid after she begins to have feelings for Teddy Montgomery and wants to pursue a relationship with him. After Adrianna discovers that Teddy doesn't want a relationship, but only a fling, Adrianna realizes what she has done and tries to get Navid back. However, she says that she is going through weird things and would like him by her side. Navid asks her about her kiss with Teddy. Adrianna says that she can explain what Silver told him. Navid admits that Teddy told him. As Navid works in the journalism club, he hears Adrianna sing an apologetic song in the courtyard. She asks him to forgive him, but he says they are done since since she cheated on him with Teddy. He also discovers that Jasper is a drug dealer. Navid witnesses Adrianna buying drugs from Annie's boyfriend, Jasper. Navid tells Annie who tells Jasper. Jasper is not happy and confronts Navid who doesn't take back his story. Adrianna confronts Navid about telling Naomi that she is using drugs. Navid says he caught her buying drugs from Jasper. He says he thinks it is odd that she suddenly moved from being totally depressed to how she is now. Adrianna says it wasn't hard to get over him. She states she was only with him since she needed him. She admits she was never in love with Navid. Later, when Jasper's relationship with Annie's parents begins to suffer because of the "rumor", he pushes Navid down a flight of stairs.

Navid wakes up in the hospital but has no memory of who pushed him down the stairs. Adrianna visits Navid and following her conversation with him, makes a life-changing decision about her addiction to pills. Navid remembers that Jasper was the one who pushed him so he follows Jasper to his car, but he notices him. Navid tells Jasper he will be there when he messes up. Jasper says he thinks he is suffering from delusions after his head injury. Later, Navid asks Adrianna for help. Navid informs Adrianna he thinks Jasper pushed him down the stairs, but he can't prove it. He says he needs someone to come forward and state that Jasper is a drug dealer. Adrianna says she can't help since she is on probation. Navid says he will figure something else out. At the Winter dance Navid and the rest of the gang prepare an intervention to make Annie realize that Jasper is bad.

Navid and Dixon devise a plan to eliminate Jasper from Annie's life, but Harry and the police conduct random locker searches. After they reach Jasper's locker, they see that it is clear. They find a bag of coke in Navid's locker and take him away. Dixon wonders if Jasper set him up. In Whats Past Is Prologue Navid returns from his suspension to find that Naomi has started a gossip segment during Blaze News, which he adamantly opposes. Navid decides to get back into the dating scene by asking Lila put on a date, his first since breaking up with Adrianna. They connect by talking about all of the events their parents forced them to attend. Navid realizes that Lila was the person he danced with when he first learned the fox trot. Lila says technically this is not their first date.

Navid watches as Adrianna gives Gia a kiss goodbye. He approaches her at Blaze and asks about her relationship with Adrianna in which Lila overhears. Navid asks her if he was the one who turned Adrianna gay which makes her laugh and explain that it doesn't work that way. Navid asks her to take care of Adrianna. After Gia leaves, Navid explains to Lila that he was just curious about their relationship, but she is unsure. Lila tells Navid that she thinks Adrianna screwed them after she quit the band. Lila discovers that Navid already knew and figures his loyalty lies with his ex. Lila gets upset and leaves.Then Navid sets up a second cotillion for Lila. He admits he messed up with Adrianna and asks her to give him another chance.

When Adrianna struggles to write a new song for Laurel and turns to Navid for support, forcing Navid to realize he still has strong feelings for her. At the beach club, Navid tells Lila that he realizes that he still feel something towards Adrianna. He breaks up with Lila. Later Navid arrives at the recording booth to see Adrianna where he overhears a conversation between Adrianna and Javier. Navid gets upset tosses the flowers and leaves. At school While holding a bouquet of flowers, Navid waits for Adrianna to get out of school. He is disappointed after Javier arrives in his limo with flowers in hand. Then he admits to Adrianna that he broke up with Lila and states he doesn't want to be tied down. Navid asks about her relationship with Javier and encourages her to take it further. She tells him she will give her first solo performance the next day and invites him to watch. After Adrianna leaves, Dixon scolds Navid for not going for Adrianna.

Navid says he doesn't have any chance, but Dixon reminds him that they have a history together and suggests he make a play for her.In the club, Navid shows Dixon a bracelet that he got for Adrianna. He thanks Dixon for reminding him that he knows Adrianna best. He says is going to leave the necklace in her dressing room with a message to meet him on the rooftop but she leaves with Javier. In Confessions Silver conducts a interview with Adrianna for Blaze. Navid stands jealously while she describes her time with Javier and stops the interview even though it is live. Adrianna says she thinks the bracelet is from Javier, but he tells her it is from him. Silver and the rest of the students watch while the Navid and Adrianna's conversation is broadcasted. Navid demands to get his bracelet back, but she doesn't want to give it to him. Adrianna tells him that she didn't think that he liked her, and he says that he's still in love with her. Adrianna tells him that nobody can compete with him. She gives him a kiss while the cameras are still rolling and they get back together. At the pass the torch event Javier breaks up Navid and Adrianna while they are making out. He tells her he thinks she is incredibly talented and still wants her to go on tour with him. Navid admits that it is a huge opportunity for the summer, but Javier says it will be for a whole year. He tells her this might make her dream come true. She says she will think about it.

Season 3

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Navid worried about Adrianna "Senior Year, Baby"

In season 3, Navid welcomes Adrianna back from her tour with Javier, but their arrival brings an unexpected death of Javier. After the accident Adrianna sings some of Javier’s music to Navid. He tells her he was lukewarm on her original material, but that this “is the best thing you’ve ever written." Silver plans a cancer-awareness event and Adrianna goes to Silver and asks if she could get paid to sing. Silver and Navid were disgusted. They were horrified by Victor's behavior, but Adrianna obeys him—even when he tells her to do a topless photo shoot. When Navid and Silver try and intervene, they get kicked out of the studio.

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Navid confronts his father "Mother Dearest"

Navid sees the pictures and gets angry with Adrianna for violating her morals. Later, Navid and Silver hear the audio that was recorded after they left the studio – Victor is clearly bullying and blackmailing Adrianna into posing topless. Navid confronts Adrianna, and is actually supportive when she confesses that she stole Javier’s song. Adrianna finally tells Navid she’s going to stay with Victor as she’s shopping on Rodeo instead of being at school. She also tells him about the topless picture being on the cover of a magazine and everything she’s going to do. Navid is far from happy. Navid new locker neighbor hates him. The only he can’t figure out is why, although she seems to know him very well and he remembers her from somewhere. At the “Undies” he finally remembers her. Over the summer, his dad  used her in one of his films. At the award ceremony, Navid gave up his leadership award for an annoying little girl who got yelled at by her dad. Navid confides in Silver that he’s worried his father might be knowingly using underage girls in his porn videos. When Navid confronts his dad, not really thinking his actions through, Navid blabs to an obviously concerned guidance counselor that he just discovered his “dad is a child pornographer!” Navid is realizing that telling his guidance counselor that his dad’s a child pornographer may not have been the best move. Suddenly, Mr. Shirazi is under investigation and furious with Navid. Even though he apologizes to his dad for outing him , Mr. Shirazi kicks Navid out and flees to Iran. Navid turns up on Silver doorstep because she’s there for him and right now he needs her.

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Navid, Silver and Ade become a triangle "Best Lei'd Plans"

Navid spent the night at Silver's and it soon becomes apparent that Silver and Navid do share romantic feelings for each other. After Navid and Adrianna have an intense argument on how ignorant she has been to her friends, </span>Adrianna enlists Silver to help her make up for the argument by helping her do something nice for Navid. As Silver steals Navid away from the party to help Adrianna with her plan, Navid confesses that he has been having feelings for her. Adrianna interrupts the moment and so Silver is left hanging. Navid and Adrianna make love at the beach club. Navid reveals that he does not feel the same way he felt before for Adrianna, and that now he has Silver. Silver, afraid of ruining her friendship with Adrianna, tells Navid that she needs space and so they try to keep a distance between each other. All goes well, until Adrianna invited Navid and Silver for a sleepover she planned that all the others were unable to attend. Things become awkward as Adrianna, Navid and Silver are left to spend time alone together. Things could not get any less awkward when both Silver and Navid are unable to sleep and so they run into each other in the hallway. Navid tells Silver that he can't stop thinking about her and he asks her if what he feels for her is just all in his head. She says 'yes' but it is known that she does not mean it as she can't look him in the eye. When he steps forward and asks her if she feels the same way, just as she looks into his eyes and is about to answer, Adrianna interrupts the moment.

At Adrianna's Hollywood Christmas party, Navid gets fed up with Adrianna's diva attitude and decides to get away from the party to be alone. Silver finds him and as he apologizes for making things awkward with their friendship because he has feelings for and she doesn't, she confesses that she feels the same way and they share a kiss. Silver and Navid finally acknowledged their feelings for each other.
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Navid breaks up with Adrianna "All About a Boy"

Navid and Silver agree they don’t want to hurt Adrianna feelings. Navid resolves to break up with Adrianna when the opportunity presents itself. Unfortunately, opportunity is nowhere to be seen. When Navid goes to talk to Adrianna, he finds her a total mess. With Victor going public with his knowledge that Adrianna’s hit musical album was plagiarized material, it ends with Adrianna running off-air and into Navid’s arm, crying about how he’s the only person she can count on. Silver and Navid have been sneaking around together, but Silver is going a bit crazy with the guilt of betraying Adrianna. While Adrianna is away at a yoga retreat with her friends Adrianna’s mom needs her signature on some financial papers. Navid drives the papers to the yoga retreat, where he runs into Silver, who is taking a breather from the lodge. Silver jumps Navid and they scurry into a nearby tent . Navid is sickened by the new Adrianna so he breaks up with her after learning how she used the baby she gave up for adoption to sell a story to a tabloid news magazine.. Ade goes to Navid one final time and he pushes her away, but not before she finds a woman’s earring.
90210315 2095

Navid trying to make his mother proud "Revenge With the Nerd"

After paying for a meal, Mrs. Shirazi gets the question “Shirazi, like the kiddie porn?” and Navid gets the bright idea to turn Shirazi Studios into a legitimate business. His idea is renting out the studio to make local commercials and infomercials, but Dixon has bigger ideas. Luckily for them, Laurel is in the business. While waiting in the lobby, they run into Vaughn Floyd, who is shooting a video for Nelly. They convince him to use their space. Adrianna is trying to get her reality show made. She’s also trying to find “the cheating whore” Navid cheated on her with. All she has to go on is a mystery earring she found at Navid’s. To keep Adrianna distracted, Silver gets Navid to sign a release to appear on her show. Silver and Navid are still sneaking around, with lots of sneaking. Navid’s studio business is going really well for him.
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Navid looking at Silver on graduation "To the Future!"

During spring break, Navid finds himself in the middle of a fight between Silver and Adrianna. Navid and Dixon were concerned about Silver’s recent bizarre behavior and thought she may be having an episode related to her bi-polar disorder. They tricked Silver to get her to a psychiatric hospital for help, which she wasn’t too thrilled about, but stayed. Adrianna conveniently swept in to give Navid a ride home from the hospital, and stuck around to take advantage of Navid while he got drunk. Navid is confused about that because he can't remember anything. The day of the prom Adrianna later tells Silver about the kiss and breaks up with Navid who keeps rejecting Adrianna. The night of the prom Adrianna visits Silver and tells her about the Navid Affair. The other night, Silver rushes to prom and breaks up with Navid on the spot. After graduation Navid and the rest of the gang discovered that Adrianna was the one who messed up with Silver pills and the whole kiss story and they got back together at Ivy's wedding.

Season 4

In the season premiere Navid agrees to let his little sister, Leilah, crash with him and Silver so she can finish her final year of high school in Beverly Hills after refusing to go with his family to Switzerland. The new roommate instantly ages Silver and Navid into parents, causing them to balk at the fact the Leilah wants to go out at midnight. She also lets Adrianna into the house which makes Silver furious and makes Navid punish her by not going to Naomi´s party, then Leilah shows up with Adrianna at the party which causes more drama between them. The next day they Navid yells at Leilah for the other night she storms off in the bathroom and escapes from the window making Navid worried. Leilah send him a video claiming she´s been kidnapped and that her abductors want $50.000. Silver is skeptical but Navid lashes out at her telling her that even Adrianna is more sympathetic and she decides to ask Adrianna for help then she reaches out to Navid with good news and go to find Leilah, it turns out that she fabricated the story all along in an effort to earn some cash and run away with her tattooed older boyfriend

Navid ends up taking a loan from his uncle to pay the boyfriend to leave Leilah alone. Navid's uncle ask him for free time at the Shirazi Studios. He later find out that his uncle is running a car theft ring at the Studios and tries to stop him by paying him back the money which Navid takes from the studio account instead of giving to Dixon to hire a DJ for Liam´s party, Navid´s uncle takes the money but goes on back on his word to leave the Studios and threatens to implicated Navid with him if something happens. Navid makes it up to Dixon and buys him Studio Time with the money that his uncle is giving him. Navid confides Silver about his uncle blackmailing him and refuses to let her help him out.

Navid decides to end things with Amal, but finds out it's far from over when his uncle makes an implied threat to hurt Silver if he will not continue their business. At Halloween Navid plans to bring down his uncle again and seeks help for the police and is forced to go undercover but he can´t tell anyone not even Silver, who he breaks up with, in order to help the police and keep her safe. The gang go to Vegas with Naomi and Amal sends a package with Navid to a client in Vegas with its later reveal to be only a test for Navid- he spent most of the time trying to get evidence to get his uncle arrested. For Christmas Navid goes undercover with his uncle to visit a buyer but he shows up nervous and the buyer cancel the deal and Amal forces Navid to get him back, the men came back and discovered Navid's microphone and gets beat up, he is taken to Hospital where Silver shows up to see him, but with bad timing she saw the police officer kissing Navid thinking that they were together. Navid has been crashing at Dixon’s to hide away from the people that beat him up. We then see that his Uncle Amal sent him flowers, which means he knows where Navid is. Navid then goes looking for stuff to bring down his Uncle and grabs a gun, which Kat takes away from him. Then Kat asks Silver to get through to Navid, so she brings Navid’s dad over to Dixon’s.

Over there, his dad tells him that he’s turning himself in because it’s the only way to keep Navid safe. After that, Silver tells him that there’s no way they’re getting back together. After talking to Adrianna Navid goes over to Silver’s, but Greg answers and invites him in. Greg tells Navid about New York and when Silver comes back, Greg gets a call from Maisy. While Greg’s outside talking to Maisy, Silver tells Navid Maisy is not Adrianna’s responsibility. Navid says Silver should be honest and Silver says this is all about Navid not being able to move on. She tells Navid that if he wants to be her friend, he’ll stay out of it.

At the end, it’s presumed that Navid tells Adrianna about Maisy. Navid comes in to Dixon beach house then Silver comes in after wanting to talk to Navid, but he tells everyone he has an announcement: he’s going to Princeton. He deferred but they called the week before and said they had an opening. Silver ignores what she was going to say and congratulates him. Later, Silver and Navid meet at the bar and awkwardly exchange small talk about his move to Princeton. Dixon talks to Navid about Ade and Dixon admits he’s never told her he loved her. Navid talks to Dixon about Silver, but says he doesn’t want to put her on the spot about him leaving, Navid leaves his studio to go to New Jersey. We see Navid and Silver both looking at their phones, waiting for one to call the other and profess their love. Sadly, it doesn’t happen and Navid leaves in a cab to go to the airport.

Navid returns for Raj’s funeral and he is really hurt that so much drama has gone down among his friends and no one remembered what a cell phone is to bother calling him. Navid especially confronts Silver about her getting tested for the cancer gene and they get into a big fight exactly what Silver didn’t want. She assumes Liam spilled the beans, but the two quickly realize that it must have been Vanessa. Later after the wake, Navid and Silver finally have a heart-to-heart and he tells her that he wants to be there for her. He is sorry she had to go through her problems alone, but Silver’s eyes reflect that she was not alone she had Liam by her side.

Navid‘s trying to keep Adrianna from packing up all her stuff from her place with Dixon. Austin then makes a surprising return to Navid’s front door. At the Offshore Liam tells her he has feelings for her, and Silver tells him she wants Navid. Navid shows up and Silver tells him about her cancer gene. She also tells him to stay and move in with her. Later, Navid & Liam drive over to pick up an ice sculpture for Naomi’s party. After they pick it up, the guys talk about Silver. Liam tells Navid that Navid & Silver have a long history and it might not be worth giving up his dreams to stay with Silver. Liam tells Navid to go back to Princeton. After the duo bring up the sculpture, Navid accuses Austin of hitting on Adrianna and pushes him into the sculpture. Later, Navid tells Silver he wants to be with her.

Navid tells Adrianna that he doesn’t trust Austin, and to make sure he’s looking out for her and not himself. Navid goes to talk to Liam while he’s getting ready for his premiere. Navid thanks Liam for being a good friend to Silver and Liam tells Navid to be there for her. While Silver and Navid are at the hospital, a nurse comes out to ask her some questions before her mammogram. One of the questions she asks if she could be pregnant, and Silver doesn’t answer. Navid asks her how she could be pregnant, and she tells him she hooked up with a random guy. At Liam´s premiere the paparazzi then mistake Silver and Liam for a couple. After Silver leaves to take a phone call, Navid confronts Liam about sleeping with Silver and punches him on the red carpet. Liam and Navid then have a fight and yell about Silver. Silver interrupts to tell them she’s not pregnant. Navid goes back to Silver’s to ice his hand. Navid shows up at CU and tells Austin he re-enrolled back there. Navid apologizes to Austin for their fight. Max shows up and says they should host his bachelor party at Liam’s bar. Later, Navid goes by the doctor’s office to see Silver and finds Liam in the waiting room. They get confrontational Later, Max and Navid walk through his bachelor party and Max admits to not knowing any of the people there. After Liam shows up, he & Navid start to bicker, then challenge each other to darts. After playing pool, the two challenge each other to a drink off.

During their drinking contest, Navid tells Liam that Liam likes to be the savior to his girlfriends and he sucks at being a hero. The cops show up and the whole place gets arrested. Silver goes to see the 2 of them in their jail cell. She tells them she wants to have a baby and asks which one of them is up for that. Neither answers. After Navid and Silver apologize to each other, Navid tells her he wants to have a baby with her. Later, Silver comes home to a candle filled room and a romantic Navid. He bought her flowers, while she bought an ovulation kit & calendar. Navid tells her he’s glad they love each other, but Silver tells him she hasn’t given second thought to them as a couple and doesn’t want to get back together. Navid awkwardly agrees and says he’s glad they’re on the same page. After Navid tells Austin about him & Silver, Austin tells him he needs to lay out his feelings for her before the baby.

Season 5

In the premiere Navid calls Adrianna and tries to tell her that Dixon didn’t stand her up and he deserves another chance, but Ade is having none of it and tells him that she’s done and over Dixon. Navid goes to the Offshore and tells Annie to call Dixon. When she calls a worker from the morgue picks up. The group goes to the morgue to identify 3 bodies that were pulled out of the wreckage. The worker tells them they assumed Dixon was the driver and that he’s in the hospital in critical condition. Later, Liam & Navid share some booze on the beach. He tells Navid about selling the bar and that the only offer he got was for half the asking price. He also tells Navid he won’t let a girl come between them again. The next day Navid arrives at the bar, and tells Liam he would like to help him start the bar again and be a partner. Liam agrees. The guy Adrianna had met at Vegas, arrives at the bar looking for Adrianna. He introduces himself as Taylor Williams, and tells Navid he is a club promoter. Navid tells him about Dixon and how Adrianna is at the hospital. Navid suggests that Taylor help him restart the bar, as he is a club/bar promoter.. At the Naomi`s reception, Navid introduces his 2 porn star dates to Silver. The dates are part of his mission to change his “nice guy” image.

Dixon’s working on a comeback performance at Navid’s pop-up club, but Navid is still apprehensive about Dixon performing. Navid, Dixon, and Liam decided to jump on the camping bandwagon and head over to a camping site. When Dixon starts having trouble putting the tent together, Navid decides to tell him that he thinks Dixon’s not ready to open his club. Navid says he only has 1 shot to get his club right, but Dixon can perform in a couple months. Dixon decides to take the groups car and leaves. Later at the bar, Dixon goes to see Navid. Navid tells him that the job was purely a business decision. Dixon tells him that he’s still performing, since Liam owns the bar and wants him to. Navid tells Liam that he’s not okay with how he handled the Dixon situation. Liam insists that he’s taking the club very seriously. Meanwhile, Navid still thinks that there may be something going on between Liam and Silver, and reading a text from Silver to Liam does nothing to lessen his fears. At the pop-up, Some guy records tells Navid he recorded a celeb sex tape at the club. After confiscating it, Navid thinks he’s hit the big time until he watches it and sees its Liam and Lindsay. Navid tries to get Silver to see that Liam’s acting a little weird. Navid also thinks that Liam’s a jerk and is worried that Liam will try to date Silver while dating Lindsey, so he plans on showing Silver Liam’s sex tape. Over at the con, Liam tells Navid that he’s coming on too strong to Silver. The two exchange words, which leads to Navid handing the sex tape over to the Corporate Invaders 2 panel and saying it’s the latest cut of the movie. When Silver tells Navid that the footage of the movie will also be streamed online, Navid races to get the sex tape back. He is unsuccessful. Navid admits to Silver that he did it because he wanted her to see it before her & Liam hooked up, since he saw that they were getting closer. Silver explains the Lindsey situation and says she wanted to give Navid another chance, but now she doesn’t know him anymore. When Navid tries to apologize to him, Liam just writes a check for everything Navid put into the club and tells him to get lost.

Navid is still apologizing to Liam for releasing the sex tape, and Liam is still not accepting his apology. Soon after, Liam asks Navid to move in with him and keep an eye on the place. Naomi decides to get Navid to ask Bryce out, so he can find some details about Max’s saboteur. Later, Navid’s date with Bryce starts out awkward, but after a few martinis Bryce spills the beans about Max’s saboteur. Bryce tells Navid that Alec told her what to say in her interview with Max, and had her promise him she would fire Max once she got the job. After Navid tells Naomi about this, Naomi goes to Alec’s place to confront him. When Annie is shoot he is there to support Dixon.

Navid is sad that he didn’t get into an honors business program. Teddy then introduces Navid to Campbell Price, a former classmate who is the head of an elite group named Cronus. Navid wants in on the Cronus society and learns from Campbell later that the way to get in is to show that he’s fun. Navid decides to throw a party at the Offshore to impress Campbell and the Cronus society. After Liam helps Navid to get it in, he pressures Liam to continue to partake in the Cronos Society's illegal bare-knuckle fight club gatherings, Trying to impress the Cronos Society, Navid picks up a pretty girl at a bar.

They end up having a one-night stand, until Navid learns that the young woman named Michaela happens to be Silver surrogate mother. After Campbell reassures Navid that the test was a one-time thing, he asks Navid for another favor. Campbell’s ex wants closure from their relationship, so he wants Navid to go with his fiancé, Sonja, to an event while he sees his ex one last time. Campbell also tells Navid that he’s thinking of recommending him to lead Cronus after he graduates. The rest of the episode takes very predictable turns. After the event, Navid & Sonja head to a hotel bar. When he leaves for a moment, he sees Campbell kissing some girl . The next day, Campbell asks Navid to keep an eye out on Sonja at the opening while he’s at home doing homework. At the opening, Sonja tells Navid that her dad runs a huge investment banking firm and will put Campbell in an executive spot after he graduates. Realizing that Campbell is only with Sonja for her connections, Navid tells her that they should leave and surprise Campbell. The next day, Sonja calls off the engagement. Campbell tells Navid that he’s gone from Cronus, and tells him that nice guys finish last. Navid is looking for jobs on his own, now that he’s out of the Cronus society. He ends up in a meeting with a guy named Brock for a marketing training program.

Brock doesn’t really like him on paper, and only wants people with real marketing experience. While Navid is leaving, he offers Brock passes to the surf competition this weekend. Navid asks Liam if he could be the head of marketing for his company, and Liam agrees. Navid sees Brock at the competition and mentions that he did all the marketing. When Brock asks to meet with their investor, Liam takes Navid aside and basically says that ship has sailed. Navid tries to distract Brock with products the rest of the day, and when he leaves Navid is sure he didn’t get the job The next day, Brock calls Navid and tells him he got the job because of a great YouTube video he saw of the event. Campbell comes by at that moment and Navid tells him that it looks like he doesn’t need the Cronus Society anyway. Liam lets Navid know that he overheard Campbell talking about pinning the cheating on Navid. This causes Navid to admit to Liam that he was involved so Simon wouldn’t press charges against Liam. Navid then leaves to talk to the Dean.

When he arrives, he sees Campbell coming out of the dean’s office. Campbell let the dean know that Cronus had nothing to do with the cheating. Liam and Navid plan on looking for one of the groups dummy cell phones by having Liam hang out with the society. Navid gets a text from “Liam”, but it ends up being from Campbell. Navid is forced into a trap, and Liam is forced to beat Navid up while the Cronus society watches. The next day, Liam tells Navid that he couldn’t find anything on their phones, but he promises to find something. Navid tells him to be careful. Navid’s disciplinary hearing is Tuesday and Liam needs to get evidence of the Cronus cheating ring by then or Navid will be expelled. Liam tells Navid that he’ll make sure the proctor catches them by putting the answers on the inside of water bottles. The plan works perfectly and the proctor orders no one to leave until the Dean gets there. The Dean puts everyone on academic probation and Campbell finds out about Liam & Navid’s team up. Navid, however, is not off the hook. The Dean refuses to drop Navid’s charges.

Later, Navid and Adrianna end up having sex. After Adrianna sneaks out of his room, Navid and Liam decide to talk about their company. Liam brings up a surfer named Cassie McCoy and says they should get her to be their spokesperson. Cassie is not impressed with Liam and Navid during their meeting. When the duo mentions that they’d do anything to sign her, Cassie agrees to sign with them if they hold a private concert with Olly Murs for her at CU tomorrow, since she’s his number one fan. Navid gets some contact info from Adrianna and makes the Olly Murs concert happen, but she ends up dropping out of the contract. Navid asks her what the point of them not sleeping together was if she was gonna fight with Silver. The two proceed to sleep together on Silver’s bed. After Ade tells Navid that she has feelings for him, Michaela walks in on them. Navid and Adrianna have been hiding away at Navid's having sex for 2 days, so they decide that now is the right time to tell their friends they’re back together. After Ade tells Navid that she should take Michaela’s place on tour, they get text alerts saying that Michaela’s missing. The duo then tells Dixon that they’re together and that Michaela walked in on them. When Navid criticizes Adrianna for not telling him about her sending in the song, she is hurt that he doesn’t believe her and leaves.
At the Fall out Boy concert, Dixon tells Navid that not only did Adrianna write the song, she wrote it about him. After the performance, the stage suddenly falls apart and collapses around Adrianna. Navid saves Adrianna from the wreckage of the stage, although unfortunately is injured in the process. The final episode of 90210 shows Navid and Adrianna kiss and decide to spend the rest of their lives together.


Navid happens to be Dixon's manager and right-hand man who tries to keep Dixon under control to protect his image. Ty asks Liam to get him some Oxycodone for Dixon. Navid gets notice of police looking for drug dealers in the club, so he brushes off Liam when he comes over with the pills. 


Adrianna Tate-Duncan

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The two are said to have been good friends prior to the show. In the first season, they reunite when Navid pays for Adrianna's rehab process. Though at first she thinks he only wants to help in to receive sex, she soon learns that he is not like the other men she has been with- he genuinely likes and cares for her. They dated until she got pregnant with Ty's baby but later make-up and decide to help her with the baby, Navid wanted to be there for her and the baby all the time and propose to her but in their bachelor party they realize that they were to young to get married. In season 2 Navid was ready to have sex with Adrianna but she didn't want a relationship based on sex and with the arrive of her ex-boyfriend Teddy; Navid started growing jealous of them hanging out so much, Adrianna eventually cheated on Navid with Teddy and was forced to end the relationship after that Adrianna started using drugs again but Navid helped her they wanted to move on by dating other people but by the end of the season they got back together and had sex.

Season 3 they were together but after Adrianna start being blackmailed by Victor. Navid notices that she was changing and that Victor was taking advantage of her. she slowly became a self-centered person and didn't have time for Navid's problems and hanging out with her friends and started growing apart from Navid after he broke up with her.Adrianna tried to apologize and make it up to him but Navid kept on rejecting her until she discovered that had been cheating on her. The person he was seeing was revealed to be Silver. Adrianna came up with a plan to break them up by switching Silvers medication, so that Navid would notice her odd behavior and go back to Adrianna. When Adrianna's betrayal was revealed, Navid and Silver get back together. With everyone important to her blocking her out, Adrianna promises to herself she will become a better person and earn their friendship once again.

In Season 5, they began sleeping together again after Adrianna becomes angry at Silver. Navid decides that he has always loved Adrianna and, after sleeping together in Silver's bed and Michaela walking in on them, the two become a couple again. Later, Navid and Adrianna fight about Michaela, causing Adrianna to storm off before performing her song on stage that she wrote about Navid. As the stage collapses around Adrianna and everybody is evacuated, Navid sneaks in to the wreckage and saves Adrianna, although is injured in the process. The final episode of 90210 shows Navid and Adrianna deciding to spend the rest of their lives together and buy a dog and a house with a studio as they confess their love for each other.


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Things start to spark between the two when Adrianna is absent in her relationship with Navid and off with her diva antics and Navid needs someone to talk to while he and his family are going through a rough patch. He starts venting to Silver about all of his problems and eventually the two start falling for each other. After overcoming Ade's attempts to sabotage their relationship, Silver and Navid graduate together, happy and in love.

Bryce Woodbridge

After Bryce gets Max fired from his own company, Naomi sets up Navid on a date with her to find out what her motives are. Though he claims he finds her attractive, the date is a one-time thing, and the relationship does not continue further.


  • Michael Steger thinks that Navid and Silver belong together[1]
  • He is often compared to David Silver and Andrea Zuckerman from the original series.
  • Navid was the first person to befriend Dixon Wilson.
  • Navid used to play soccer with Ethan and the jocks in the 6th grade but he kept scoring for the other team so they "respectfully parted ways"
  • Navid once thought he saw a baby alien, but it turned out to be just a squirrel.
  • Navid lost his virginity to Ade, while unaware that she was feeling guilty for cheating on him.[2]


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