Ocean is the ninth episode of the new Melrose Place series. The epsidoe premiered on November 10, 2009 on The CW.


After learning Auggie’s blood was on Sydney’s murder weapon, the police search his apartment and demand the other residents tell them where he went after he was fired from Coal. Riley is conflicted about whether to help the police, but Jonah pushes her to make the call as she knows where Auggie is staying. Meanwhile, a work incident causes Jonah to pretend he’s engaged to Ella who really gets into the role playing. David arranges a secret play date with his little brother, Noah, but after the little boy hurts himself, Lauren must come to the rescue and risk the wrath of Dr. Michael Mancini. 


Lauren sees another client. After they have sex, Lauren says since he only booked two hours, she has to go. The man says he is willing to pay for more time. In the morning, Lauren runs into Ella and tells her that she saw a lot of patients last night during her hospital shift. Meanwhile, Violet reads a subpoena that says she has to report in court because she resisted arrest.

Jonah asks Riley why she is still home. She says that she has parent-teacher conferences later. She asks Jonah where they are in their relationship. Riley says she doesn't like that they are both kissing other people. Detective Rodriguez arrives and tells Jonah and Riley that he is looking for Auggie since they found his blood on a knife that also had Sydney's blood.

Caleb tells Ella that she has to have lunch with a German film maker named Franz Ketler to convince him to stay with their publicity firm. Ella says that she doesn't speak German and doesn't know any of his films.

David watches as Michael drives off to work. David enters the mansion and tells his little brother's nanny that he would like to take Noah out. David tells Noah that his mission is to ride every ride at the carnival.

Jonah tells Riley that he thinks Auggie is guilty. Riley says that she doesn't think Auggie killed Sydney. Jonah says that he is suspicious since Auggie has disappeared. Riley says she knows that Auggie is on a surfing trip. Jonah says she can be convicted for aiding and abetting a fugitive. After Jonah gets a text from Ella, he says he has to go.

Ella greets Jonah and tells him that she needs help with a German filmmaker. Jonah informs her that the police found a knife with Auggie and Sydney's blood. Ella is secretly relieved. She tells him he should help her when they meet with Franz Kepler. Jonah recognizes Franz and is excited to meet him. She instructs him to pose as an employee of the publicity firm.

Michael conducts rounds with the other doctors. Lauren is quizzed about a patient's condition and stumbles. Michael asks Lauren if she has been studying and suspects she is not fully committed to learning. Michael goes to his office and discovers his computer is playing a video of him having sex with Violet. Violet appears and tells Michael she needs another favor. Violet says she had to go to the office since he didn't return her phone calls. Violet asks him if he can get him a lawyer who can help her since she has to go to court. Violet threatens to show his wife the video if he doesn't help.

Ella and Jonah find Franz at a restaurant. She introduces Jonah as an associate and a fan. Franz flirts with Ella and grabs her hand. Jonah says Ella is an amazing publicist. Jonah tries to compliment Franz's work, but he can't keep his eyes off Ella. Jonah lies and says he is engaged with Ella. She plays along, then asks them to get down to business.

Back at the apartment, Violet tells Riley she doesn't think Auggie hurt Sydney. Riley asks Violet if there has been anything strange going on with Auggie. She says Auggie got in a fight with Marcello, but he is okay now since she was intimate with him last night.

Back at the carnival, Noah asks him if he can win him a prize. Noah runs off after David gets a call. Noah climbs a wall to grab a prize and falls. David carries Noah to the hospital to meet with Lauren. Lauren says it is possible that Noah has a concussion and orders a CT scan. David says Michael doesn't know he took Noah out, but Lauren says he is on his way now.

Violet calls and leaves a message for Auggie. Michael arrives the apartment and informs Violet that he knows Judge Davis who will preside over her case. He explains that since he is her character witness, he can destroy her reputation and send her to jail. Violet agrees to delete the video from her phone.

Franz asks Jonah and Ella how they got together. Ella says Jonah had a girlfriend when they met, but she knew that she would be with him. Ella gives Jonah a kiss. Franz says he would like to base a movie on them. After Franz leaves, Ella tells Jonah that she is impressed by his ability to act like he was her boyfriend. She believes he secretly wanted to be with him ever since they first met. Ella says that them being together seemed very natural. She suggests he explore other options and spend some time at a nearby hotel. Jonah tells Ella that he is engaged. Ella suspects Jonah is insecure and believes he shares nothing in common with Riley. Jonah tells Ella that if she has a problem with him being in love with Riley, it is her problem. He says Riley and him trust each other.

At home, Riley writes Auggie an instant message and learns he is in Mexico. Auggie says he ruined his life. Riley asks him what he did, but Auggie types he rather not say. Riley contemplates contacting Detective Rodriguez.
Lauren informs David that Noah will be fine. Michael and his wife arrive who tell them to never see Noah again. David says although he screwed up, he loves Noah. Michael commends Lauren for her work with his son.

At home, Jonah sees that Riley is holding her phone. He wonders if she is going to call Auggie and she admits she instant messaged him. Riley says the messages Riley sent back were scary. She wonders if Auggie hurt Sydney. Jonah informs Riley he will be there for her no matter what she wants to do. Riley calls the police and asks to speak to Detective Rodriguez.

At the publicity firm, Caleb informs Ella that Franz has agreed to hire them. Caleb says Franz liked her boyfriend Jonah. Caleb says he doesn't mind since Jonah is a brilliant director. Ella says Jonah is not her boyfriend since he is engaged. Caleb says if Jonah was pretending to be her boyfriend, he probably wants to be.

At the courtyard, Violet asks Lauren if she would like another roommate. Lauren says she would love one, but she doesn't think Ella would want to share her bathroom with another person. Ella tells David the police finally found out who killed Sydney. They are surprised to learn the police searched Auggie's apartment. Ella apologizes to Jonah for what she tried that afternoon. Michael arrives and asks David to talk. Michael informs David he fired Noah's nanny. David says he didn't want to hurt Noah. Michael tells David he appreciates that he wanted to spend time with Noah.

Later, David thanks Lauren for helping him and Noah. He tells her he thinks she will be a great doctor. Lauren says she was impressed by how devoted he was to his brother. Lauren suggests David apply himself to something that is legal. David says his hobby is over and admits he doesn't want her to see him the way she did when she caught him robbing a house. David gives Lauren a kiss, but she backs off. Lauren says she can't have a relationship.




Guest StarringEdit

  • Laura P. Vega as Leticia
  • Shaila Vaidya as Female Med Student
  • John Fremont as John
  • Brooke Burns as Vanessa Mancini
  • Craig Robert Young as Franz Keppler
  • Brock Cuchna as Brock
  • Azie Tesfai as Nurse


  • Dr. Mancini: You expect me to find a lawyer for you, the person who's blackmailing me? Go to hell!
  • Violet: Actually, it's your marriage that goes to hell once I send your wife our little video.
  • Dr. Mancini: People like you, you don't get away with this kind of behavior. It comes back to haunt you.
  • Violet: You would know. My court date's December 11th. Your choice, doctor. Either you get me a lawyer, or I get you divorced.

  • Dr. Mancini: (to Violet, after she deletes the video from her cellphone) And now we're done. Your days of milking me for money are over. Now, if even one single frame of that video shows up anywhere, I call Judge Davis and he throws your devious little ass in jail. Who says doctors don't make house calls anymore?

  •  Ella: I always knew you were destined to win an Oscar someday, but I never thought it would be for acting. Bravo!
  • Jonah: Well, I had to come up with a way to stop Franz from slipping you the Wienerschnitzel before salad was served.

  • Jonah: (to Riley, as the police search Auggie's apartment) Okay, I may not be CSI, but when your blood ends up on the murder weapon along with the victim's blood, you're usually guilty.

  • Lauren: Seriously, all you have to do, David, is decide what you want to do with your life and apply yourself. Just make sure that whatever it is, it's legal.
  • David: You should know that that little hobby of mine, it's over.
  • Lauren: Good, I'm glad. Because it was going to be really awkward calling the cops on my neighbor.
  • David: Do you wanna know why it's over?
  • Lauren: Why?
  • David: Cause I don't want you to ever look at me the way you did when you caught me coming out of that house...ever. I want you to look at me the way you're looking at me now.

  • Riley: We're supposed to be engaged, and we're kissing other people? God, I wish none of this had ever happened.
  • Jonah: Well, too bad in real life there's no "undo" command


  • "Powerless" by Kristinia Debarge
  • "Jook It" by Drew Sidora
  • "Pop Art Blue" by Zero 7
  • "Angels Serenade" by Valentino
  • "Dream Dancing" by Aluminum Babe
  • "Live Life Loud" by Hawk Nelson
  • "All I Could See" by Rob Mac
  • "Smile" by Uncle Kracker
  • "After Afterall" by William Fitzsimmons
  • "Body Down" by Jack Penate
  • "Lost Year" by Mutemath



  • Caleb: (to Ella) You know, Franz is white-hot right now, but he's about to start rolling on the Bruckheimer blockbuster.
  • Jerry Bruckheimer is a producer who is famous for his work on action movies and TV series. Some of his work includes Black Hawk Down, The Rock, and the CSI series.
  • EDIT
  • Jonah: Franz, your use of shadows makes Fritz Lang look like an amateur.
  • Fritz Lang was a filmmaker who was known for making dark movies, including Metropolis and M. Lang was actively making films for several decades, primarily between 1920 and 1960.
  • Ella: Riley, you know Auggie better than all of us, all those morning jogs together. Who knew that you were running with the devil?
  • This is a reference to the 1978 Van Halen song "Runnin' with the Devil" from the band's self-titled debut album


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