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KellyBrandon, just because I didn't wanna move in and get married right away doesn't mean I still don't want a relationship with you
BrandonWhat are you talkin' about, I proposed, you said no; end of conversation

P.S. I Love You: Part 1 is the 31st episode of Season 5 of Beverly Hills, 90210.


In Palm Springs, Brandon considers surrendering to Valerie; Steve rejects a blind date arranged by his father; Dylan meets a backer for his film.


Steve drives down to Palm Springs to join his fater, Rush Sanders, for a fraternity convention. Rush stresses to his son how important "networking" is at these meetings. Steve is anxious to join the crowds of girls around the pool but his father tells him that he has set up a date for Steve with the daughter of an influential business tycoon. A message from Brandon indicates that he can't join Steve in the resort. Steve calls him saying he needs to get away for a few days, but Brandon replies that his folks are flying to Hong Kong today and he has to keep an eye on the real estate agents who are showing the house. Kelly drops by to see Brandon. She wants to still be friends with him, but Brandon is cool to her. He still feels the hurt of her rejection of his proposal of marriage. At the beach house Clare is helping Donna write her speech that she will deliver at the sorority of Alphas meeting in Palm Springs Donna invites Kelly to ride to Palm Springs with her, but Kelly says she'll be taking her own car, Kelly declines to explain, leaving Donna a bit puzzled.

At home, Ray Pruit is in a down mood, as he stums his guitar and sings a woeful tune. LuAnne, his mother quizzes him about his mood and he confesses that he said some things to Donna he wishes he hadn't. His mother tells him that Donna is a romantic and Ray can win her back, if he tries. Valerie visits Dylan, telling him that she wouldn't be able to go to Hawaii, even if he asked her to join him. Dylan's writer buddy drops in to say that Dylan's trip to Hawaii has to be posponed because they have a wealthy backer for their screenplay. He wants to meet with them in Palm Springs this weekend. At the Peach Pit, Jim and Cindy pay a nostalgic visit to Nat and have a quick lunch before heading for the airport. Donna is surprised to find Ray outside her window singing a song that he has written. Donna is deeply moved by his song and, when he asks her forgiveness for his outburst of anger, she says she'll forgive him if he will come to Palm Springs to cheer her on as she addresses the Alpha convention. Back at the Walsh house, Brandon and Valerie are less than happy to find a real estate agent showing the house to prospective buyers. He gives in to Valerie's suggestion that they join the others in Palm Springs.

Kelly goes by to pick up Allison Nash, the girl who was trapped in the fire with her. Kelly still feels guilty because she came through the fire with only minor burns, and wants to help Allison through her post-trauma period. At Palm Springs, Brandon and Valerie arrive. Later Steve expresses his hesitation of getting involved with a blind date that his father has arranged. They run into Muntz who delivers cold margaritas from a spray dispensor. Ray and Donna arrive in his pickup truck. He feels uncomfortably out of place, but when Donna's mother comments that Donna is going to be very busy meeting important people, he takes on the challenge and decides to stay. Around the pool the party is in full swing with music and dancing. Brandon stops Muntz and asks for another squirt of margarita. He is beginning to get intoxicated. In the pool Donna, Steve and Robin are on teams of water volleyball. Ray watches from the deck not happy about the skimpy swim suit that Donna is wearing. Mrs. Martin has the same feeling and suggests that Ray have a talk with her daughter. Dylan and Charlie study some tapes of sky diving and para gliding, wondering if they'll have enough money in the budget of their movie. Dylan is concerned that Charlie has promised their new backer there will be a good role in the movie for his girlfriend.

When Steve and Brandon go to the market to buy more beer, Steve says that for some reason he isn't into Robin. They see a tall beautiful girl that Steve does find attractive, but Brandon tells him she is out of his league. At the beach house, Kelly and Allison are having dinner. From the balcony outside, David and Clare recognize Kelly's dinner guest, from the fire. They speculate as to why Kelly turned down both Brandon and Dylan to be with a girl. In Palm Springs, Brandon has continued to drink and then makes embarrassing remarks about the guest speaker at dinner. Steve takes him outside by the hot tub, to sober up. He finds Valerie in the tub and decides to join her. Kelly and Allison continue their discussion about a relationship, but Kelly reminds her that she does not have any feelings of sexual attraction for her friend. Allison accepts the rejection. As Brandon is changing to his swimsuit, he imagines that his parents appear in the mirror to reprimand him for drinking. Valerie comes in and is puzzled as to why he's talking to himself. Ray invites Donna to go horse back riding next day but feels that it would be unwise for him to come to Donna's room tonight, since it is right next door to Mrs. Martin's.

Steve apologizes to Robin saying that it isn't her that has made him avoid her, it was just that he resented his father setting up a blind date between them. In the hot tub, Valerie's designs on Brandon are interrupted by a boisterous "Conga line" of guests. Dylan and Charlie go for their appointment with Mr. Rose at his posh estate. Rose invites them to stay the night and meet his girlfriend. On their horseback ride in the desert, Ray and Donna end up having an argument about what she wears and that he doesn't get much of her attention. Donna reminds him she has to get back for her mother's speech at the conference. Brandon is in the pool, suffering from a severe hangover, as David and Clare arrive. When Brandon asks if Kelly came down with them, he gets a rather vague answer from Clare. He then quizzes David as to what is going on and David tells him they walked in on Kelly having a romantic dinner with Allison. Brandon is stunned at the implication of this remark.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Luke Perry as Dylan McKay
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Tiffani Thiessen as Valerie Malone
Carol Potter as Cindy Walsh
James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh
Special Guest Stars
Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio
Kathleen Robertson as Clare Arnold
Jamie Walters as Ray Pruit
James Handy as Tom Rose
Dick Dale as Himself
Recurring cast
Katherine Cannon as Felice Martin
Jed Allan as Rush Sanders
Jeffrey King as Charley Rollins
Ryan Brown as Morton Muntz
Guest starring
Caroline McWilliams as LuAnn Pruit
Sara Melson as Alison Lash
Amy Hess as Robin Wallace
Monika Schnarre as Elle
Elaine Joyce as Candace
Jennifer Barlow as Angela
D.K. Kelly as Tom Rose's Bodyguard


Dad, he lost the election, his parents are moving to Hong Kong – and Kelly dumped him. He needs KEG now more than ever
—Steve rallies Brandon
Speaking of people doing stupid things; would you mind keeping an eye on Valerie and the incense burning?
—Jim to Brandon
After boarding school, I kinda have trouble believing large groups of women can live under the same roof without killing each other
—Clare to Donna
See, Valerie over there is supposed to be like a sister to me, but right now my willpower is at about zero
—Brandon to Steve


  • Dylan plans to spend a month in Maui with his mother and sister
  • Valerie hits on Brandon, who's well aware, starts getting drunk and considers it
  • Steve's father has set him up with an Alpha Omega girl
  • Kelly tells Brandon that she wants to be with him still
  • Alison tells Kelly that she loves her and Kelly lets her down gently
  • David tells Brandon that there's something going on between Alison and Kelly
  • Ray wrote a song titled "Donna" to apologise to her, which he plays on the Beach House porch
    • Upon arriving at Mr. Rose's home in the desert, Dylan scratches his cheek with the tops of his fingernails and asks Charlie what Mr. Rose does for a living, to which Charlie replies, "He's in vending machines". Dylan replies, "Why didn't you just say he's an olive oil importer? You mean he's connected?" Both Dylan's gesture and his comment are allusions to Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 mob masterpiece The Godfather. The cheek-scratching motion is a famous gesture used by Marlon Brando while playing Don Corleone, and the Corleone family's legitimate cover business was Genco, an olive oil importing business.
    • "P.S. I Love You" is a 1981 film directed by Eddie Garcia.


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feel so high | DES'REE
kelly and alison have dinner


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