Pilot is the premiere of FOX drama soap Models Inc..


Young model Sarah Owens departs Melrose Place and begins work at the Models Inc. modeling agency. At the same time, veteran model Teri Spencer is on the rise, and announces her intentions to leave. This comes as a surprise to agency owner Hillary Michaels, who seeks to oppose the decision. Hillary is constantly assisted by her receptionist, Stephanie Smith. Sarah moves into a beach house with three other models: Teri, Teri's mature sister Carrie, and the brash Julie Dante. Carrie indicates that she's made great sacrifices for Teri, though the sisters are shown to have a close bond. Sarah later enters a flirtatious relationship with Hillary's son David, the company's Vice President.

This creates jealousy within Julie, David's ex-girlfirend. Hillary begins using her connections to block Teri's exit. She also pressures Teri's boyfriend Brian, a photographer, into changing Teri's mind. The matter ultimately leads Brian and Teri to a bitter split. Linda Holden, one of Hillary's other models, is shown to be the victim in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Eric, who attempts to manage her career. Following a meeting between the two, Hillary finally accepts Teri's departure, but privately expects her to flounder. On the evening of an agency party, a drunken Teri argues with those closest to her. She is later pushed from a balcony and dies, prompting a police investigation.

Starring Edit

Cassidy Rae as Sarah Owens
Carrie-Anne Moss as Carrie Spencer
Linda Gray as Hillary Michaels
Teresa Hill as Linda Holden
Kylie Travis as Julie Dante
Stephanie Romanov as Teri Spencer
Brian Gaskill as David Michaels
Cameron Daddo as Brian Peterson

Guest starring

Grant Show as Jake Hanson
Daphne Zuniga as Jo Reynolds