Ray Pruit, played by Jamie Walters, was a character introduced in Beverly Hills, 90210 the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Beverly Hills, 90210

Seasons 5 and 6

Ray was a reserved carpenter and aspiring musician who met Donna Martin in the fifth season while doing construction on the campus of California University. Although Donna was dating Griffin Stone at the time, she eventually dumped Griffin for Ray.

Though he had his polite and friendly side, Ray could grow easily agitated and moody. Ray was insecure about being poor or stupid and didn't care for Donna's rich college friends and the circles in which she ran, often criticizing them as being elitist.

Ray eventually became unfaithful to Donna with Valerie Malone because Donna was waiting for marriage to have sex. Ray went on the road to play music and eventually ended up in Portland, Oregon.

When David Silver came to Portland with Donna to surprise his mother, Sheila Silver, Ray started showing signs of a bad temper and after a fight with Donna over David's presence, shoved Donna against a wall. It was only the first of a few incidents, one of which involved Ray pushing Donna down some stairs, which was witnessed by Valerie Malone. Ray often became remorseful after these incidents, but in time, Donna realized that the abusive, unfaithful relationship had to end, and broke up with him.

Ray soon learned that Donna started dating California University's football quarterback, Joe Bradley during the Halloween party at the Peach Pit After Dark and started stalking her. Ray followed Donna at her apartment, trying to tell her that Joe was not right for her, and harassed Donna again. Joe and Ray attacked each other, causing Ray to have his arm injured. Ray sued Joe for assault, only to have the charges dropped soon after. Ray immediately left town after the hearing.

Ray briefly reappeared later in the series, apparently reformed, while also revealing that he'd become engaged to Wendy Stevens and was doing well as a musician.

Season 7

While in Las Vegas, Ray was surprised by David, Valerie, Steve, and Clare Arnold, who stopped in to see his band perform. Ray was concerned for David, who was acting manic and eventually got robbed by a couple of prostitutes. Ray called Donna, who came out to comfort David. That was Ray's last appearance on the show.


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