Rick is a guest character on Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Dean Cain.

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Rick is a sweet, friendly, romantic and genuine guy from Wisconsin, who meets Brenda while they are both in Paris. Rick studies economics and transfers to UCLA when Brenda is in her senior year in high school.

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Rick was introduced during the second summer season, when he met Brenda while they were both vacationing in Paris. He mistakes Brenda for a native, and she decides to play along, summoning a fake French accent. In time, however, her feelings for Rick become quite serious, as a mutual romantic attraction began to develop. This was complicated by the fact that Brenda had a boyfriend back home. Rick and Brenda eventually shared a kiss on his last night in Paris. He extended her an offer to join him the next day and continue their vacation elsewhere. Hesitation on her part would cause Brenda to miss this opportunity, and it was ultimately left unclear just what her decision would have been.

It wasn't long after leaving Paris before Rick saw Brenda again, as she approached him while they were both at a video store in Beverly Hills. They quickly resumed their friendship, though she continued to present the illusion that she was French. The charade began to crumble as Brenda's loved ones approached her in Rick's presence, making it quite apparent that she wasn't a foreigner. A distraught Brenda soon blurted out the truth to Rick in her true voice, and then rushed away. After taking a moment to absorb the information, Rick caught up to Brenda and eased her pain, stating that while he liked "Brenda DuBois," he could fall in love with Brenda Walsh.

After she officially became available, Brenda began dating Rick. While he treated her quite well and got along nicely with her family, the relationship didn't last long, as Brenda still wasn't over her ex-boyfriend Dylan. Brenda, however, admitted that Rick was a very nice guy, and the two said goodbye on friendly terms.

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