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Rob Andrews is a guest character in Season 7 of Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Jason Lewis.


Rob is an up-and-coming actor from Indiana who was supposedly the next James Dean. He met Valerie Malone at the Peach Pit After Dark and began a romantic relationship with her. He was a carpenter before he got into acting and was uncomfortable with the fame he received as a result of his movie, Adam's Children.

Rob put a lot of trust in Valerie, as she butted heads with Alan Black, his manager, over a part in a movie. After Rob went with Valerie's advice, they made love. However, Alan made a side deal to get Valerie to persuade Rob to take the rewritten part. However, after Alan tried to use Rob to launch the career of actress Heather Dixon, he was exposed as manipulator by Valerie.

However, Alan revealed to Rob that he paid Valerie $10,000 to help convince him to do the movie. Rob fired Alan and was upset with Valerie. he later accepted her apology and hired her as his new manager.

Adam's Children was eventually released. Rob's performance drew generally good reviews, but the movie received less-than-stellar praise. Rob decided he didn't belong in the movie business and went back to Indiana.


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